Faculty Online Bios

Your online bio in the faculty section of our website is very important in providing information to prospective and current students and their parents, your colleagues at other institutions, and prospective faculty who want to learn more about the faculty whom they might be working alongside someday.  

Steps for new faculty

  1. Review a few of your colleagues' bios under
    1. School of Arts and Sciences (SAS):  Traditional and dual enrollment programs (onsite and online)
    2. School of Adult & Graduate Studies (AGS):  Adult programs for associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees (onsite and online)
  2. Prepare a Word document where you indicate the program in which you will be teaching (use AGS or SAS designation as explained under 1a and 1b above), title, e-mail address, office phone, Box #, and additional section headers for which you want information to be posted.

    1. Header options include:
Academic Degrees (required) Volunteer Activities
Academic Honors and Recognition Civic Associations
Professional Activities Professional Associations
Selected Publications Topics of Expertise
  1. Consider including hyperlinks to the following:
    1. Online versions of your publications.  Those accessed through Bryan’s password-accessed online library, however, will not be used since all links need to work for the general public.
    2. Webpages that provide more information about you or your activities.  For example, see a podcast link, News & Highlights story, and links outside Bryan's website, PDF versions of your curriculum vitae or copies of your publications, or a narrative section at the beginning.
    3. NOTE:  Please use the portals for course-specific resources that your students must access, such as syllabi and assignment links.
  1. Submit Word document via this form.
  2. Please be sure to get your photo made for the yearbook and online directory during the time announced at the beginning of the fall semester. That same photo will also be used on your faculty online bio..

Suggested steps for current faculty

  1. Please review your online bio once a year (access it from here).
  2. Submit updates and corrections using this web request form.
  3. The photo that appears with your bio is automatically updated each fall to match your photo in the online directory.
  4. If you want your CV included, please submit it as a Word document or an Adobe PDF under the Attachments section when you complete the above request form.