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Alumni Profiles

Since Bryan's founding in 1930, God has blessed us with thousands of graduates who live out our motto of "Christ Above All" and who are testaments to our mission of "educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today's world."

If you are interested in being featured in a profile or know of another Bryan alum you'd like to see featured, please e-mail Chloe Nardone.

Lisanne Boling, '03

Diploma in hand, Lisanne Boling, ’03, moved to England with only a visa and plane ticket. Since her first move, Lisanne has worked as a marketing manager for an IT supply company, event manager, for the Governor of Maryland, and for the Lexington Institute, a defense policy think tank. Read more »

Allison Jones, '09

English Lit and Communication graduate Allison Jones, '09, chose Bryan because upon first visiting, she felt like she “had come home.” While uncertain as to what career field to pursue, she knew she enjoyed literature and writing, and so focused her studies there. Read more »

Shunyale Griffin, '06

Hoping to boost her job into a lifetime career, Shunyale Griffin, ’06, decided to earn her undergraduate degree in business. She wanted to learn in a faith-based environment, and with a full-time job and two children, she selected Bryan’s Adult and Graduate Studies (AGS) program that meets only one day a week. Read more »

Kathryn Rawley, '08

While at Bryan, Kathryn, '08, prepared for her career by building a strong foundation in both her education and faith. She said, “It did not take me long once I entered the workforce to realize how much of an advantage I had over others my age because of the strong education I received.” Read more »


Bob Roden, '11

Bob Roden started his Bryan MBA program unemployed. Today, he is president of 124-year-old H.E. Parmer Co. in Nashville, Tenn. He applied to the MBA program looking for two things: information to help him better market himself to new employers, and solid networking opportunities. With Bryan’s MBA program, he found both. Read more »



Rachel Lonas, '06

Looking for a college that “unashamedly weaved faith and knowledge together,” Rachel Lonas, ’06, visited Bryan. Attracted to the campus’ intimate size, she knew “I wanted to be there the minute I started walking around.” Read more »



Bethany Diamond, '12 

When Politics and Government graduate Bethany Diamond, ’12, gave up a family vacation to campaign during election week, she wasn’t just going door-to-door for the candidate – she was working her way toward Washington. Read more »


Adina Scruggs, '91 

Since graduating from Bryan with a business major in 1991, Adina Scruggs has since returned to her alma mater to give back to adult students. Read more »


Charles Priest, '92

Charles Priest, ’92, first visited Bryan when his high school music minister – Bryan grad Mark Karki – invited him to check out the campus. Charles knew Bryan was the college for him the moment he stepped foot on The Hill. Four years later, he graduated with long-lasting faculty mentorships and a BA in church music, knowing that God wanted him in music. Read more »


Sun Jin Jun, '12

From the very beginning, Sun Jin Jun, ’12, believed God brought him to Bryan, despite his efforts to attend a university in South Korea, his native country. Read more »


Nathan Magnuson, '05

When Nathan Magnuson, ’05, graduated from Bryan with a degree in business administration, he moved back home to Kansas City with $1,000 in the bank. Since then, he's served in the Army Reserve both at home and in Iraq, putting the lessons learned in the Bryan classroom to real world use. Read more »



Kelly (Luther) Stultz, '93

Kelly (Luther) Stultz, '93, will tell you she always planned to be a professional musician – teaching music at the college level or leading church music never crossed her radar. But Kelly will also tell you that God used her experiences at Bryan to prepare her for what he had in store. Read more »



Jaret Mitchell, '00

A business administration major who wanted to own his own business, Jaret never thought he would be in the restaurant business – especially the fast food business. But after raising his store’s sales 17 percent and winning Chick-fil-A’s Symbol of Success award in 2007 and again in 2011, Jaret’s business acumen is hard to miss. Read more »


Jennifer (Parks) Schottleutner, '05

After earning her degree in biology in 2005, Jennifer went to earn a Master's degree in physician assistant studies. Today, she works at an HIV/AIDS clinic in South Carolina. Read more »



Emily Rivera, '09

For Emily (Ricketts) Rivera, ’09, dreams of becoming a dolphin trainer have come true—after a detour through Disney World bringing Mickey, Minnie and other characters to life, she now works for Sea World Discovery Cove. Read more »



Michael Goad, '86

For someone who wanted nothing to do with the world of business, Michael  Goad has climbed high on the financial career ladder. A classical New Testament and Greek major at Bryan, Michael has held the position of Chief Financial Officer at several banks in the Grand Rapids, Mich., area. Read more »



Klon Kitchen '99 

Klon Kitchen graduated with a Biblical Studies degree but decided to pursue a career in national security. He soon found himself working at the Department of Defense, the National Counterterrorism Center, traveling to Afghanistan to assist in special operations, and having monthly meetings at the White House.  Read more »


Kathy Courtright '81

Kathy Courtright fell in love with Bryan and transferred here her junior year. She fell in love again, with Allan, and the rest is history, a history that involves missions work, athletics ministry, and four children who all attended Bryan.  Read more »



Rick Torbett '79 

From college basketball star to high school math teacher/basketball coach to business owner, Rick Torbett uses his basketball experience to equip coaches to train successful teams.  Read more »


Millie Welsh '87 

Millie Welsh walked away from a missions conference at Bryan College with a newfound calling to full-time ministry. Twenty-four years later, she is using what she learned at Bryan to impact college students all over the United States.  Read more »



Karin Traylor '64 

Although most alums share similar memories of their four years at Bryan, few can boast of having spent nearly the same length of time at their alma mater as has Karin de Rosset Traylor.  Read more »



Carol Vernon '84  

Since Carol Vernon graduated from Bryan, she has lived in five states, had four kids, owned three homes, earned her master's in psychology, and started a new career at age 41. She is married to her Bryan sweetheart Randy and lives in Washington, DC. Read more »


Ann Byle '84 

Ann Egner Byle went from writing for the Triangle to working as a freelance journalist for the Grand Rapids Press and writing three books. She resides in Michigan with her husband and four kids.   Read more »


Jane Delaney '84 

Jane Delaney is the president and founder of E-Mealz, an online business she created to "provide a kid-friendly and family-uniting meal planning resource for busy Moms and frugal family cooks" which was recently featured in Southern Living magazine. Read more »


Robert Carter '06 

Robert Carter is a man with a plan. Although he graduated only four years ago, Robert has already worked his way up from apprentice teacher to assistant principal at an elementary school in Northern Virginia, earned a Master's degree, married his wife Elsie, and had a beautiful daughter.  Read more »


Dawn Hoffman '89 

Dawn Hoffman’s role as regional human resources director for Barnes & Noble has led her all across the country and into the company of celebrities ranging from George Foreman to Barack Obama. She lives in Dallas, Texas; but you will be more likely to run into her at a major airport on her way to a Barnes & Noble in one of the 28 states she covers.  Read more »


Maye Hayes Jepson '71 

After years of being an elementary school teacher and a full-time mom, Maye Jepson is working with Imago Dei, a Christian nonprofit professional arts organization, and spending time with her grandsons.  Read more »



Micah Odor '01 

Micah Odor's communications degree took him from writing the engineering report that went to President Bush for the Yucca Mountain Project to being a seminary student while serving on the staff at Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati.  Read more »



Jeremy Smith '97 

"Communications is the one thing you have to do no matter what career you choose," says '97 Communications alum Jeremy Smith. That is why he has excelled in careers with Aerotek and Pfizer and is now working as a financial planner at Shoemaker Financial in Nashville, Tenn.  Read more »


Tracy Stone Davidson '96 

Tracy Davidson started her career at the Dayton, Tenn., TV station (yes, there was a cable-access channel once) which made her a local celebrity. She has been involved in drama for over a decade and lives in Georgia with her Bryan sweetheart and their two children.  Read more »


William Donald Black '64 

Dr. William Black, a nephrologist, founded and is President of Renal Medical Associates in Knoxville, Tenn. Since the 1990s, Dr. Black has been using his medical expertise and resources to help people in Central America, West Africa, and Eastern Europe. He is also the author of Finding Strength in Weakness, a Christian treatise on suffering that has been translated into Russian and Spanish.  Read more »


Olivia Fessler Braaten '05 

Olivia's love for politics has taken her to the newsroom of The Washington Examiner and the research desks of The Heritage Foundation to producing a weekly television program on life issues and managing business development and client relations at a law firm in Connecticut.  Read more »


Walker Haynes '96 

The entertainment industry doesn’t rank in the top ten occupations for Bryan grads, but Walker Haynes has taken his love for the theatre and his Communication Arts degree and is turning them into a Hollywood career.    Read more »   Watch video »


David Clothier '88 

David has worked in the financial world as a manager for Coopers & Lybrand, a “Big Six” accounting firm, and currently works as Treasurer/Controller for Pilot Travel Centers. David also enjoys coaching soccer and spending time with his family in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Read more »


Beth Eppinger Wilkins '03 

Now a Naval officer's wife and stay-at-home mom, Beth's experiences since graduating from Bryan have included working at the Global Health Affairs Office and Boeing Corporation, earning a master's degree, counseling at-risk children, and traveling through Malaysia with Global Mosaic International training pastors in basic counseling.  Read more »


Michelle Edwards '01 

As a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member at North Carolina State University, Michelle is living out of her gifts and passions to make an eternal difference.  Read more »


Aaron Groen '04       

Aaron has traveled many miles in the five years since he graduated from Bryan.  He and his wife Alyssa left Capitol Hill to go on a six-month road trip from Vancouver to the Florida Keys.  Today he works in Washington, DC, as communications director for U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx.  Read more »

Ashley Siskey '00             

Ashely has used her communications degree in a wide variety of settings.  She was Macy's events operations coordinator for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York; a senior meeting planner in Nashville, TN; and a senior meeting planner for the Marine Corps Museum dedication in Washington, DC.  Read more »