Scholarship-Rhea County

Rhea County Scholarship

Scholarship Amount


Bryan College is committed to making a quality education anchored by our motto, Christ Above All, accessible and affordable in our local community.

The Rhea County Scholarship offers $12,000, renewable each year, toward the cost of a Bryan education.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Be a resident of Rhea County as of September 1 of senior year
  • Have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 and ACT of 21 / 980 SAT or greater

Sample Financial Aid Package with the Rhea County Scholarship:

Components Commuting On Campus
2013-2014 Costs $21,150 $27,400
Rhea County Scholarship -$12,000 -$12,000
HOPE Scholarship -$4,000 -$4,000
Remaining Cost $5,150 $11,400
Stafford Loan -$5,150 -$5,500
Net Costs $0 $5,900

Students may qualify for other state or federal aid that may reduce the cost even further.

This scholarship does not combine with any other Bryan College Scholarship or Grant. A cash refund will not be given as a result of receiving the Rhea County Scholarship in combination with federal/state grant/scholarship and/or outside scholarship. If the total of the specified types of aid exceeds tuition, room and board (or tuition only for commuters), this scholarship will be lowered in the amount of the overage. This scholarship may be replaced by other types of aid. On campus housing is only available as space permits.