Where Am I Going?

The Place

Saints Bible Institute is located in northern Italy between the Italian Alps and the shimmering city of Venice. "The Center" is a 200-year-old converted farmhouse compound that houses two student dorms, a small cafeteria, classroom, lounge, and student kitchen. 
Its hometown of San Lorenzo boasts a population of 400 people surrounded by vineyards. Only a few kilometers away, the town of Casarsa offers a train station, gelato and coffee shops, and the local market.
Throughout the semester students have opportunities to visit famous destinations such as Verona, Trieste, and Venice on RA-led weekend trips. Class trips traverse farther afield. Tour the Coliseum, visit the ruins of Pompeii, or climb the winding stairs of the Duomo in Florence, courtesy of a Bryan professor.
Spring Break allows students to plan a week-long visit to a European country like France, Austria, Spain, Great Britain, or Greece. 

The Lifestyle

Many Italy Abroad alumni describe life in Italy as having a slower, richer rhythm than their typical college and home life. Classes are structured to allow a more focused lifestyle as are community activities.

Chores are assigned around the Center as part of daily life. Laundry, recycling, and "quiet hour" take on new significance in an energy-conscious country.   
Meals are enjoyed Italian-style: lingering fellowship over fresh, delicious dishes.  Water bottles are filled daily at the fresh, mountain-fed town fountain. Bicycles and tennis shoes are the most typical modes of transportation (besides nearby bus and train routes). Irresistible espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, pizza, and gelato are available at the cafe around the corner.
Simple pleasures take on new meaning in Italian culture. Even more valuable is the sometimes-challenging opportunity that all students have to share grace and love to their classmates throughout long days in close quarters.
See Saints Bible Institute's Campus Life page. 

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