Bryan's soccer field is home to nearly a hundred games each season, for both our men's and women's soccer teams. It has been called by many of our opponents the "best field in the conference" and our opponents hate to play us at home, primarily because of the interaction of our fans.

While our field is top-notch, our fan seating leaves much to be desired. We have only a few bench-type stadium seats and overall the seating area is unkempt and in need of significant improvement. That's where you come in. Do you remember cheering your Lions on to victory? Perhaps you were down on the field and you experienced the electrifying presence of your fans. You can help us to improve the experience for our fans and players by helping us raise the money needed to clean up and improve the fan area.

The project has been split into three potential phases, with a projected cost of $80,000 if all the work is contracted out.

Donor Recognition

  • $100 donation » Your gift of $100 will "buy a block" for our retaining wall, and a name plate with your information will be attached to a block somewhere in the wall. Name plates can be made in honor or memory of someone, with your name, or for your class. Click the block on the right to donate now!
  • Bleacher donation » Your gift of $1000 to purchase a bleacher will be honored with a name plate attached to a bleacher, which will remain in place as long as the bleacher is in use. (Click the link below in phase three to donate a bleacher.)
  • See which of your friends and classmates have already given!

Please call 423.775.7323 for more information about this project.

Construction Phases

Phase One

Clean up Cut brush, remove dead trees, roots, and plant grass $1,500
Path up hill Widen the path to bring it to handicap access standards; lay gravel $1,200
Gravel bed Dig down 4" around bleachers for a gravel bed; lay gravel $3,000
Phase One Total   $5,700

Phase Two

Lengthen Stadium Level and clear ground towards the far goal; establish final elevation $  2,800
Sidewalk Put in 4' wide sidewalk across the front of the hill $  3,500
Retaining Wall Build 28" high retaining wall behind bleachers $  54,000
Phase Two Total   $60,300

Phase Three

More seats Total of 8 bleachers needed, at $1000 each $  8,000
Center wall with Lion Build 8' by 12' wall with the Bryan Lion and donor plaques $  6,000
Phase Three Total   $14,000

Give Now!

The current stadium seating area

Artist's renderings

These pictures are a result of an artist's renderings, and the finished stadium may not match this look.