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Social Media @ Bryan College

Social Media has become an inescapable part of our lives, both personally and professionally. In addition to the incredible networking power available through social media sites, they are very important marketing tools for the college. As such, any social media site that represents an official Bryan College club, department, student group, athletic team, etc., must follow the terms of service set forth by the college.

In addition, any social media site that purports to represent the college (i.e., uses the name or logo in any way) but does not abide by the terms of service listed here, can be shut down by the college for trademark infringement.

Please carefully read the following documents if you are involved with social media in an official capacity at Bryan.

Approved Social Media Sites

The following is a complete listing of all social media outlets authorized by Bryan College. If you have a social media site already running for Bryan that is not listed here, please contact the Marketing Department to add it. If you would like to start a social media site that is not listed below, please use our site request form.