Social Media Levels of Response Guide

A social networking service focuses on building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. Most social networking services are web based and provide a variety of ways for users to interact, such as forums, comment feeds, and instant messaging services.

Facebook, Twitter, and others are online social networks where Bryan College students, prospective students, faculty and staff, alumni, and friends are sharing information and interests. Bryan College is increasingly using social networking and recognizes the marketing and community development potential of such sites.

Social networks are interactive in nature, thus they are not without risk. As our social media involvement has increased, so too has the need for policies and procedures governing the use of that social media involvement by representatives of the College.

The following is Bryan College's Levels of Response Guide to Social Networking Posts and must be followed on all social networking sites which represent the college. If there is any question regarding an appropriate response, please refer the post to the Marketing Department for action.

LEVEL 1 » (No response necessary)

A general complaint, negative opinion, bad experience, controversial post, etc. Controversial posts about alumni should be referred to the Alumni Office for action.

LEVEL 2 » (Response from primary site administrator)

A complaint based on fact that can be addressed, or spam or other advertisements from an organization not affiliated with Bryan College.

The site administrator should respond politely to provide information or make a correction. An offensive post may be removed; a post using foul language must be removed.1

Under no circumstances should a college employee or student designee engage in derogatory or argumentative posts with anyone.2

LEVEL 3 » (Report activity to the Marketing Department for action)

Terms of Service (TOS), copyright, or trademark violations; defamatory postings or those depicting illegal or illicit behavior.

The Marketing Department may contact the social media host (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to report activity of the offender(s) in violation of the host's TOS. Fan or Friend may be blocked from viewing or posting on the site again. Postings involving illegal or illicit behavior will be reported to the proper authorities.

Under no circumstances should a site administrator initiate a violation report with the host site. Such violation reports must come from the Marketing Department so they can be properly tracked and documented.

LEVEL 4 » (Immediately report activity to the Marketing Department, who will contact the necessary authorities)

Posting that involves threats of physical harm to any person, and is clearly not satirical. Any posting that a reasonable person could construe as a possible physical or legal threat.

1 *”Foul language” is defined as “blasphemous or profane (i.e., taking the Lord's name in vane or otherwise attacking or diminishing what is holy), obscene (sexually explicit), vulgar or scatological.”
2 "Argumentative posts" do not include the sort of discussion and argument that must occur in a natural academic or journalistic setting. Argumentative posts refer to divisive comments and name calling and anything that is not in keeping with the God-honoring community that Bryan strives to maintain.