ConversationCardsizeIn the history of our country, there has never been a time when a degree in Spanish could be so valuable on your resume.

In the professional context, it is not enough to speak Spanish well, even if it is your native language. Employers are looking for degree holders who can not only speak but also read and write well in both Spanish and English. We have developed a program that is very effective in helping you develop communicative competency in the language(s) you study. You will also become familiar with the cultures and worldview of the native speakers. We want to prepare you to be a servant of Christ who can make a real difference, both within and beyond our national borders.

In addition to two formal options within the Spanish major, we also offer coursework and experiences in French and Italian (a great preparation for Bryan’s Italy Abroad Semester).


Foundation Option

Study Spanish for use in a variety of contexts and to read, write, and speak the language with fluency.

Secondary Licensure Option

Work towards fluency while pursuing the abilities and licensure to teach Spanish in grades 7-12. This program is offered in conjunction with the Education department.


  • Spanish

Sampling of Classes

  • Elementary and Intermediate Spanish
  • Weekly Discussion Circles
  • Cine del mundo hispano
  • Spanish & Latin American Literature
  • Conversation & Composition
  • Culture & Civilization

Potential Jobs

  • Teaching
  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Public Relations
  • Healthcare
  • Business

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Graduate Schools

  • University of Salamanca, Spain
  • University of Tennessee
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Middle Tennessee State University