How to Order Textbooks

Once you have been accepted at Bryan and have registered for your classes you can log into the eStudent website and order your textbooks.

Once you are logged into your eStudent account, click the Textbooks link in the menu. Under each class you have registered for you will see the textbook(s) that are required or suggested for that class. You have three options to order your textbooks 
  1. Buy Textbooks Online through MBS
    Check the box next to each book you would like to buy, then click the Buy Online button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the MBS website where you can purchase new or used books from this online distributor. By clicking on this link you have not committed to buy any books, unless you actually add books to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process.
  2. Buy Textbooks on your own
    You can use the ISBN# for each textbook to shop for textbooks on your own. Simply click a books title for ISBN#, author, publisher and other information. Please be sure to use the exact ISBN# when buying your books.
  3. Buy Textbooks through the Bookstore
    Check the box next to each book, and then click the Buy Through BC Bookstore button at the bottom of the page. The bookstore will order your books for you and have them waiting for you in the bookstore once you return to campus. You will pay for these books when you pick them up. You can use cash, credit cards, check, or student voucher. The bookstore will not be able to order out of print textbooks or older editions. We also will order only new textbooks unless used ones are easily obtainable. This will be the bookstore’s choice!

    To remove a textbook that you have ordered from the bookstore, you will need to click on the link at the top of you class listing page that says You have __ books ordered for pick-up in the Bookstore. Once on this page you can check the box next to the book you no longer want and then click the Remove Books button.

    There will be a cutoff date for being able to change your orders with the bookstore. Until this deadline date you will be able to remove books that you have ordered with the bookstore. After that date the Remove Books option will be removed and you will have to contact the bookstore via email to change your order at
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. | 423.775.7271