As you begin checking out your areas of interest from among the 20 majors and nearly 40 concentrations that Bryan offers, we suggest that you check out the majors list for a basic overview of your options.  Next, you might want to compare the four-year plans that will show you a suggested course sequence for completing each program.  You can also find additional details in the catalog. You can also get a jump-start on your undergraduate education through our online dual-enrollment program!

While your upper-level courses will generally focus on your major, many of your freshman and sophomore classes will cover a broad variety of subjects. This interdisciplinary study that is a part of every major, also known as the core curriculum, is what makes a liberal arts education so valuable.

You will also have many options for international study during your time at Bryan.  The Italy Abroad Semester and the ACTS Project international summer internship program are but two examples from among many. 

Throughout your studies, you can take advantage of the many services provided through the Academic Support Center where you will find specialized tutoring in core curriculum and major courses, assistance when you're writing research papers, and many other helps along the way to your reaching your academic goals.  Likewise, Career Services will help you get internships while you're a student and be there to assist you as you create your resume and look for a job as you approach graduation. 

If you still have questions about academics at Bryan after exploring the pages in this section, please contact the staff in the Admissions Office; and if they don't know the answer, they will find someone who does!