Vision 2020 is Bryan’s exciting long-range development plan that is designed to accommodate our growing student body and expanding programs as we move toward the year 2020.  The plan calls for building new facilities; adding programs, faculty, and staff; achieving enrollment goals; and increasing funds for scholarships and endowments to maintain and enhance Bryan’s place as a premiere Christian liberal arts college, educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world.

Capital Projects

Our goal is to build the campus infrastructure to support 1,200 students in our traditional undergraduate program.*  We also need to support the Adult and Graduate Studies program to reach its goal of an additional 3,000 students enrolled in online programs and attending classes at satellite campus locations.  The capital projects necessary to provide for the growing campus population are laid out in four phases, the links to which provide floor plans, photos, and lots more details:

  • Phase 1, Completed Projects, encompasses six buildings and a stately entrance road to the campus. This phase has cost more than $12.3 million and has been funded largely through donations from alumni and friends.
  • Phase 2, The Master’s Plan, is underway and will provide facilities to accommodate 900 traditional students. This phase includes remodeling and expanding six existing buildings and constructing three new buildings. This phase is expected to cost approximately $8 million and will be funded through donations from alumni and friends of the college.
  • Phase 3, Major Building Projects, encompasses three projects, any of which will be built as soon as funding has been received. These three buildings are a key component to reaching the final goal of Vision 2020 and are expected to cost a combined total of approximately $39.2 million.
  • Phase 4, Future Projects, includes the construction of additional student housing, classrooms, and administrative buildings necessary for the support of 1200 traditional students.

More Information

  • View a downloadable map showing all four phases of capital improvement projects in our Vision 2020 strategic plan.
  • To find out more about any of these Vision 2020 projects or to donate, please contact our Advancement department.