Bryan Buddy Assignments

Bryan Buddy Assignments

Every student guest will be paired with a “Bryan Buddy” who is committed to ensuring his or her guest has a fun-filled and memorable day on our campus.

Buddies for Spring City Elementary (Pre-K)

  • Lizzi Albert
  • Courtney Bonaiuto
  • Elizabeth Cawthorne
  • Shelby Cornelius
  • Kaitlyn Couch
  • Lyndi Dodd
  • Angela Friesen
  • Rebecca Jeanneret
  • Lydia Snyder
  • Kimberly Warden

Buddies for Graysville Elementary (Pre-K)

  • Jaimee Arnold
  • Taylor Brown
  • Rachel Farlett
  • Olivia Gore
  • Megan Hoover
  • Allysa Kerley
  • Kaleigh Riley
  • Samantha Stahl
  • Danielle Voiles
  • Joy Yancey

Buddies for Rhea Central Elementary (K-5)

  • Emily Bell
  • Kristen Bolden
  • Jeffrey Bruce
  • Jade Case
  • Teagan Hughes
  • Kristen Lane
  • Darcie Lee
  • Austin Marsh
  • Ben Reagan
  • Rachael Smith
  • Chris Weinzapfel

Buddies for Rhea County Middle School (6-8)

  • Kayla Brown
  • Conner Crawford
  • Jordyn Elardo
  • Leslie Nunnelly
  • Dylan Pritchett
  • Nathaniel Shadoan
  • Jalen Smith
  • Warren Tefft
  • Robert Troino
  • Eryn Walker

Buddies for Rhea County High School (9-12)

  • Israel Arceri
  • Paige Argo
  • Brian Baxter
  • Ashley Brown
  • Lake Burris
  • Langston Calhoun
  • Zac Chaykowsky
  • Hunter Chastain
  • Jesse Cooper
  • Dylan Culver
  • Rachel Dupee
  • Tom Durbin
  • Preston King
  • Hannah Ledford
  • Blake Massey
  • Cameron Peppers
  • Terrance Scales
  • Katelyn Scoggins
  • Nick Scully
  • Marlee Sells
  • Jessica Stockton
  • Maggie Thompson
  • Brandi Whitted

Buddies for Additional Guests

  • Savanna Cummings
  • Zac Johnson
  • Kaleigh Riley (floater)

Buddy Supervisors

  • Katy Saynes
  • Jennifer Travis

All Other Assignments

All Other Assignments

We appreciate our volunteers working together and sharing their many talents and gifts to make this a wonderful Luke 14 Fun Day on the Hill!

Hosts for Community Guests: Stephen Livesay, David Holcomb

Trainer of Volunteers: Peter McKechnie, Joni and Friends Knoxville Area Director

Media Coordinator: Britney Wyatt

Photographer: Kat Frazier

Video Team: Rick Taphorn, Cooper Ferguson, Brent Janow, Nathan Reiher, Persephone Davis

Sound and Media Crew: Jim Kinser, Spencer Long, Michaela Thomas, Victoria Suich

Operations Liaison: Karen Randen; Trudy Oviatt, Dwayne Hardyman, Ronnie Massengale, Assistants

Emcee: Clark Rose

Lion Mascot: Jerelyn Gentry

Nurse: Juanita Duong

Campus Entrance Greeters: Jared Breazeale, Carlos Byron, Micayla Keen, Collier Knox, Crystal LaPlue, Cooper Loftin, Rafael Mentzingen, Kevin Roenpage


  • Janice Perron, Director
  • Will Tholken, Arrival & Gymnasium Logistics
  • Wesley Sanders, Luke Morris, Assistants

Carnival Booth Attendants

  1. Bracelet Making: Jody Cheon, Maxine Vincent
  2. Rhythm Games: Kim Keck, Abigail Weir, Madison Keck, Katie Baker
  3. Wendy’s Prize Wheel: Sheryl Rice
  4. Cornhole Toss: Christine Ralph
  5. Needle in a Haystack: Abby Webb
  6. Ring Football Throw: Erisha Talley, Kaylee Smith
  7. Ring Toss: Caylee Young
  8. Ping Pong Toss: Karis Davis
  9. Fishing for a Prize: Dylan Kear, Connor Fogg, Ashley Dill
  10. Basketball Shoot: Tyler Yoder, Reagan Johnson
  11. Putting Green: Chandler Cassel
  12. Knock Out:  Logan Mungillo, Briana Whatley
  13. Bowling: Lucas Coffelt, Kaden Davis
  14. Face-Painting: Darlene Bruehl, Erin Bell, Victoria Neal
  15. Photo Booth: Jerelyn Gentry
  16. Stop ‘n Play: Megan Harris
  17. Ladder Game: Courtney Barber
  18. Dress-Up Photo Booth: Amber Holder
  19. Balloon Artist: Caleb Gravitte
  20. Magician: Mitch Gravitte
  21. Quiet Zone: Student accompanied by Buddy
  22. Popcorn: L. J. Rowden, Andrew Urbistondo
  23. Coloring Table: Micayla Keen, Amber Levi
  24. Tic-Tac-Toe: Martin Livingston
  25. Pin the Tail on the Lion: Ariel Hill
  26. Riplaces for Teachers: Lil Andrews

Outdoor Games

  • Yvonne Rose, Director
  • Dana Wilson, Assistant

Outdoor Game Attendants

  1. Baseball Tee: Jared Breazeale
  2. Baseball Pitch: Collier Knox
  3. Obstacle Course (Large): Carlos Byron, Cooper Loftin
  4. Obstacle Course (Small): Rafael Mentzingen, Kevin Roenpage
  5. Parachute (Large): Emma Garland, Hannah Kinney, Marissa Murray
  6. Parachute (Small): Hannah Schroeder, Elizabeth Vandergriff, Liz Miller
  7. Beach Ball Tennis: Christina Lee, Erisha Talley, Kaylee Smith
  8. Hopscotch (Small): Micayla Keen
  9. Hopscotch (Large): Micayla Keen
  10. Jump Ropes: Danielle Grace
  11. Hula Hoops: Megan Clarkson, Krista Reinhardt
  12. Bubbles Machine: Amber Levi

Luncheon and Program

  • Donna Belisle, Luncheon Director; Crystal LaPlue, Assistant
  • Emilie Belisle, Emily Casey, Diana Holcomb, Whitney Smith, Assistants
  • A. J. Caudill & Pioneer Staff, Food
  • Mitch Gravitte, Marvel Ministries, Magician
  • Caleb Gravitte, Red Balloon Co., Balloon Artist
  • Jody Cheon, Yo-Yo Table Entertainment

Parent Program

  • Paulakay Hall, Director; Doris Ables, Tracey Bridwell, Assistants
  • Peter McKechnie, Joni and Friends Knoxville Director, Emcee
  • Denise Wolf, Bryan Alumnus, Speaker
  • Drew Morrison, Photographer
  • Information and Pampering Booths
    • Debbie Daily, Brittany Grant, and Angela Starkey, Graceworks Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
    • Rachel McEachron, Jamberry Nails
    • Stacey Gates and Tina Smith, Mary Kay Cosmetics
    • Jody Bauer, The Palms Therapeutic Massage Center
    • Nicole Perkins and Stephanie Snyder, Platinum Salon & Spa
    • Dr. Kevin Moore, Tennessee Valley Clinic of Chiropractic
    • Elizabeth Walton and Jen McNally, Joni and Friends Family Camp
    • Carly McAuley, Young Living Essential Oils

Runners and Campus Transportation Assistants: Kaite Beasley and Crystal LaPlue

Community Liaison: Christine Ralph, Executive Director, United Way of Rhea County

Luke 14 Event Co-Directors

  • Corinne Livesay
  • Bethany Smith

Guests from the Community

We appreciate the following guests joining us for this special day:

Rhea County Public Schools

  • Harold (Bimbo) McCawley, Board Vice-Chairman
  • Ray Fugate, Assistant Superintendent
  • Katrina Casteel, Special Programs Supervisor

Grace Bible Church

  • David Hobbs

First United Methodist Church

  • Ken Pierce

Westminster Presbyterian Church

  • Ron Petitte

Tennessee Department of Human Services