A Summer of Campus Renovations & Additions


This summer has not been your average, quiet summer without students here at Bryan College. We have been in the midst of { 8 } huge renovation projects and additions around campus. Check out some of the things we have been tirelessly working on this summer!

Dorm Renovations 

Through your gifts and pledges, we have surpassed our goal of $715,000 to renovate Arnold and Woodlee-Ewing dormitories! We are $5,864 ABOVE our goal. Any funds raised above our goal will be used to update other dorms on campus.

  • Arnold Hall is one of our all-female dormitories, home to 25 suites, built in 1972, and has NEVER been updated until now!
  • Woodlee-Ewing Hall is one of our all-male dormitories, home to 40 suites, completed in 1984, and has NEVER been updated until now!

We want all of our dorms to be such a homey environment for our students to study, relax, shower, and sleep! Bryan College is their home away from home. We are finalizing all dorm renovations and these updates will be done very soon.

Gym Parking Lot

Outside of Summers Gymnasium, you will see a newly cleared-off lot on the side of the hill. This will be home to 45-50 new parking spots! Parking in this area of campus was a huge need and will alleviate stress from students, faculty, and staff during those busy game nights, and will even help those who live in the nearby dorms!

Livesay Learning Center

Demolition is complete at the Livesay Learning Center where they are actively forming our Clara Ward School of Nursing! They are beginning construction of the walls/doorways, etc. – the framework of the space. You can start to feel things taking shape! For more information on our nursing program, visit: https://www.bryancollegenursing.com/

Putting Green

Located beside our Practice Gym, directly above Senter Field you will find our new Putting Green. The putting green is 30′ x 70′. There is also a sand bunker and chipping area. This is used for our Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams!

Softball Batting Cage

The softball team has always just had an outdoor net for hitting out behind their field. Now, they are blessed with a large partially enclosed batting cage. The cage will have turf and lighting, as well as heaters! We cannot wait to see the success this brings to our ladies. Bryan recently won the program’s first outright Appalachian Athletic Conference Regular Season Championship with a 24-4 record. 

Baseball Batting Cage

At the end of the baseball field, our Lions Baseball Team is getting an 80′ x 30′ partially enclosed batting cage! The building will have room for 2 batting cages, space for a portable mound, lighting, heaters, and turf! Bryan concluded their recent historic season with a 30-28 record. We look forward to seeing the success this batting cage will bring to our team!

Soccer Field

As if we didn’t already have one of the best-looking Soccer fields in our Conference, our field is now going to be even better. They are diligently turf-plaining the field. It is a leveling, re-crowning, and regrowth process. It will create smoother, more natural, and tighter grass for our athletes to play on!

Check out our Men’s and Women’s 2022 Soccer Schedules that were recently released: https://www.bryanlions.com/schedule/0/5.php


Mercer Hall

Last but not least, they are replacing the carpet in Mercer in ALL classrooms! We look forward to having updated and clean new carpets.

Thank you to everyone who has put countless hours and effort into these projects! Bryan College is growing, and evolving, and Jesus is moving! We are so thankful for the hard work poured into our beautiful campus. Please continue to be in prayer as we remain in work finishing up this summer! We are looking forward to a fun and successful Fall 2022 Semester coming up.