Office Of Student Services & Ministries

Tim Hostetler, Vice President of Student Services & Ministries

Tim Hostetler has served Bryan College as Vice President of Student Services & Ministries since 2014. He oversees the various areas of the college Office of Student Life and Operations area including the Dean of Student’s Office, Outreach Ministries, Campus Worship, Residence Life, Counselling, Physical Plant, Summer Conferences, Food Service, Campus store & Mailroom and Construction Services. He is a member of the President’s Executive Cabinet.

Tim came to Bryan in September 1987 as an Admissions Counselor and has since served as Director of Financial Aid, Executive Director of Operations and Vice President of Operations. Prior to coming to Bryan, he served as Assistant Director of a camp for military officers in Pennsylvania. He has also served as the Administrator of a small private Christian school in the Dayton area.

He is a graduate of Bryan College with a degree in business administration. Tim and his wife Anita currently live in Evensville, Tennessee, with their three children.

Donald M. Buttram, M.A., Auxiliary Services Manager

Valerie A. Castlen, Mail Services Manager

Janis A. Green, Campus Store and Mail Services Assistant

John Sterling, J.D., Director of College Safety & Security

Physical Plant

Jonathan D. Bacon, B.S., Environmental Services Assistant

Taylor Belisle, B.A., Landscaping

Gary F. Cheon, General Maintenance and Repair Worker

Blake Hamrick, Electrician

Dwayne Hardyman, Environmental Services Assistant

Teresa A. King, Environmental Services Assistant

David Morgan, Director of Physical Plant | Electrician

Trudy Oviatt, Environmental Services Assistant

Karen D. Randen, Physical Plant Office Manager | Landscaping Supervisor

Renee Shook, Environmental Services Assistant

Tommy Shook, General Maintenance and Plumber

Brenda A. Sims, Environmental Services Supervisor

Jimmy Swafford, General Grounds and Fleet Worker

Mick Walker, Grounds Supervisor

Event Services

Jim Kinser, Event Services Manager

Tim Baldi, B.A., Event Services Assistant Manager

Student Life

Bruce A. Morgan, M.A., Dean of Students

Judith E. Olsen, B.S., Administrative Assistant for Student Life

Timothy D. Shetter, B.S., Assistant Dean of Students | Resident Director, Townhouses

Rachel Dee, M.A., Resident Director, Arnold

Scott W. Jones, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Discipleship and Christian Formation | Professor of Christian Ministry

Eric McEachron, B.A. Director of Outreach Ministries

Nick Pacurari, M.A., Resident Director, Woodlee-Ewing

Rachel Pacurari, M.A., Director of Counseling Services

Rachel Reinders, B.A., Resident Director, Huston

Jack Saunders, B.A., Worldview Formation Coordinator

Kimberle C. Tuttle, M.S., Resident Director, Robinson

Matthew D. Williams, B.A., Resident Director, Long