President’s Roundtable

The President’s Roundtable held its inaugural meeting on October 8, 2009, and meets two times a year for a formal dinner or picnic and a presentation designed to help members become better acquainted with the College.

Past meetings, for example, have showcased the communications department, music and theatre departments, and the Center for Leadership Initiatives.



According to its by-laws, the purpose of the President’s Roundtable is to broaden the base of community interest and support for Bryan College through familiarizing and involving a wider and more diverse range of individuals in the work and purpose of the college. Putting “Christ Above All,” this body better utilizes the college’s resources and furthers its mission and goals through:

  • Consultation with administration and faculty regarding new developments and programs,
  • Identifying possible sources of support, and
  • The encouragement of mutually beneficial cooperative ventures between the college and area businesses and agencies.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • November 7, 2019
  • February 27, 2020

President's Roundtable Members


  • Chuck Baker, Chairman, Vice President of Advancement, Bryan College
  • Bill Carlson, Retired
  • Tom Decosimo, Managing Principal, Investment Banking
  • Beth Harris, Soloist
  • Col. Brock Harris, Financial Adviser and President, Money Concepts Financial Planning Centre
  • Dr. David Haynes, Senior Pastor, Lake Drive Baptist Church
  • Don Hogue, Retired
  • Bradley Moore, Owner/Operator of McDonalds Branch
  • Bethany Smith, Teacher, Dayton City School
  • Randy Wells, Senior Vice President, Southeast Bank

Emeriti Members

  • Mary Frances Carlson, Retired Educator

Ex-Officio Members

  • Delana Bice, Chairman, Bryan College Board of Trustees
  • Andrew Appel, Bryan College Student Government Association President
  • Jerry Levengood, Rhea County Superintendent of Schools
  • Gary Louallen, Mayor, City of Dayton
  • Michael Palmer, Bryan College Faculty Chairman
  • George Thacker, Rhea County Executive
  • Ron Travis, State Representative
  • Ken Yager, State Senator
More Information

For more information about the President’s Roundtable, please contact Margie Legg by email or phone at 423.775.7210.