Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Bryan’s exciting strategic plan is designed to accommodate our growing student body and expanding programs and calls for building new facilities; adding programs, faculty, and staff; achieving enrollment goals; and increasing funds for scholarships to maintain and enhance Bryan’s place as a premier Christian liberal arts college. The strategic plan is built on the foundation of our purpose, mission, vision, shared values, and core strategies.

The strategic plan is designed to develop programs and build infrastructure to support 1,200 students in our Arts and Sciences residential program and 3,000 students in our Adult and Graduate Studies and Dual Enrollment programs enrolled online or attending classes at satellite campus locations.

To learn more about any of these projects or to donate, please contact our Advancement department.

Completed Projects

Completed projects encompass seven buildings, an athletic field, and a stately entrance road to the campus. This phase cost $13 million and was funded largely through donations from alumni and friends.

Completed Projects Include:
  • Robinson Residence Hall
  • Summers Gymnasium Expansion
  • Rankin Communications Center/Bryan PolyClinic
  • New Entrance - Landes Way
  • Softball Field
  • Townhouses @ Bryan Commons
  • Practice Gymnasium
  • Dining Hall Renovations
  • Rudd Auditorium Renovations
Current Programs & Projects
Current Programs and Projects are underway or will be in the near future and will provide programs and facilities to accommodate 900 traditional students. This phase includes adding new academic programs; implementing energy conservation measures, including installing alternative energy sources; renovating and enlarging existing student life and academic facilities; expanding our athletic facilities; and constructing new venues. This phase is expected to cost approximately $12 million and will be partly funded through donations from alumni and friends of the college.

New Academic Programs

  • Engineering (Electrical/Computer Science)
  • Accounting Specialization in B.S. Business Administration (150 hours)
  • M.B.A. (Ministry)
  • M.Ed. (Christian School Administration)
  • M.B.A. (Sports Administration)
  • M.B.A. (Health Administration)
  • M.P.A. (possible Criminal Justice option)

Energy Conservation Measures

As part of our commitment to the stewardship of college resources and our planet, Bryan College will be installing a solar energy farm on the roofs of some of the larger buildings on campus. This will provide a direct source of electricity to the campus that will help reduce consumption from traditional energy sources.

Mercer 3rd Floor Buildout

On February 6, 2000, fire broke out on the third floor of Mercer Hall and swept through the building, destroying the entire third floor and roof. The rebuilding that followed the fire left the north wing of the third floor as unfinishsed space usable for future expansion. With the addition of an engineering program, we now need to build out this space to provide adequate room for both the engineering program and the additional students that we expect to accommodate as the college grows.

Anderson Annex Remodel and Expansion

The Anderson Annex (pictured above as it currently exists) will be remodeled and expanded to provide a dedicated facility for the Exercise and Health Science program, one of our largest majors. This facility will be used to house both offices and labs where EHS instruction can take place.

Summers Gymnasium Expansion

Summers Gymnasium is the home to the Bryan Lions. As the college’s athletic programs continue to expand, so does our need for expanding the gymnasium facility. The expansion plans for Summers includes pushing out the back of the gym about 30 feet, allowing the current playing court to be converted to two side-by-side practice courts with one full-size playing court, while expanding the safety zone around the game court.  As part of this expansion, additional team rooms and coaching offices as well as a 1,350 sq. ft. weight room will be added to the facility. This expansion project is expected to cost $750,000.

Student Activity Areas (Upgrades)

As our student body grows, so too grows the need for student activity space. This project will provide upgrades in three venues on campus.
  • The south half of the 3rd floor of the Latimer Student Center will be updated to include a 1,600+ sq. ft. aerobic equipment workout area and a 1,100+ sq. ft. aerobic exercise room.
  • The ground floor of the Library will be modified to become a general student study area with additional soft seating and study rooms
  • The upper level tennis courts by Summer’s Gymnasium will be upgraded to be a multi-use outdoor facility for a variety of student activities, including basketball, tennis, volleyball and futsal.
This renovation project is expected to cost approximately $300,000.

Townhouses @ Bryan Commons

In 2010 two townhouses opened for students on the west side of Bryan’s campus. These townhouses have a total of 11 student units, providing space for 66 students. When these two townhouses were built, utilities were laid and the ground prepared for two more townhouses in what is known as Bryan Commons, to house an additional 72 students. Construction on these townhouses will begin when enrollment dictates the need for more student housing. Construction is expected to cost approximately $2 million.
Future Projects
Future Major Building Projects include new buildings, such as a Student Activity Center, as well as renovation and expansion of existing buildings, and are expected to cost in excess of $40 million. If you are interested in donating toward any of these projects, please contact our Advancement department.

Rudd Renovation

Rudd Auditorium has been an iconic building on Bryan’s campus since it opened in 1976 and is in need of major renovations that are set in two phases. The first phase has been completed. The second phase will include expanded seating in the auditorium, bringing the total number of seats from 800 to 1200, and an extension with classrooms and studios that will be on the back of the building that faces the new entrance. A new facade on the extension will serve as the new front of Rudd Auditorium.

Athletics Complex

The proposed Athletics Complex is planned to include basketball/volleyball courts, a lap pool, indoor running track, and weight and exercise rooms to complement the offices, locker rooms, and meeting spaces in the adjoining Athletics Field House. This phase in the planned expansion in athletic facilities will allow for Volleyball and Basketball to join the rest of the Athletic Department, which will be in the Athletics Field House. Costs for this facility are projected to be approximately $11.5 million. This early artist’s rendering of the Athletics Complex is not finalized and is subject to change.

Student Activity Center

The Student Activity Center is a three-part project:
  • Part One includes two levels: a lobby, Admissions offices, lounge, aerobics/light free weights rooms, and restrooms on the first level; a gathering space, stage, Student Government Association (SGA) offices, activity rooms, Student Life offices, conference room, cyber café, and game room on the second level.
  • Part Two includes two intramural basketball courts.
  • Part Three includes a bookstore, mailroom, and restrooms.
These three phases are expected to cost a combined total of $14 million. Floor Plans (PDF)

Performing Arts Center/Bryan Institute

This complex includes two major buildings joined by a common lobby: The Performing Arts Center (right side of the complex) has two levels:
  • Level One includes a film and art studios, library, Mac lab, costume storage, practice studios, restrooms, orchestra pit, office, and black box theatre.
  • Level Two includes a lobby banquet space, 320-seat theatre, box office, restrooms, make-up rooms, thrust stage/orchestra pit.
The Bryan Institute (left side) also has two levels:
  • Level One includes the William Jennings Bryan Museum, conference room, lounge, archives, restrooms, and storage.
  • Level Two includes two 40-seat classrooms, 150-tiered-seat lecture room, lounge, and restrooms.
The Performing Arts Center/Bryan Institute Complex is expected to cost approximately $19 million. Floor Plans (PDF)

Athletics Field House

The Athletics Field House will include a training room, team rooms, offices, restrooms, showers, laundry rooms, and storage areas. This additional facility becomes necessary as we expand the number of field athletic programs available to our students.

Dining Hall Expansion

The Bryan Dining Hall, operated by Pioneer College Caterers, has served our college community well in its current location for more than ten years. In 2007 it was renovated to provide enhanced food service and a more aesthetic atmosphere. Now, as the college has continued to grow, the need has arisen for expanded seating, both in the main dining area. Plans have been developed which will provide approximately 150 additional seats to the dining hall and will cost approximately $500,000. As part of the plan, a beautiful glass ceiling will be built over the expanded cafeteria section, providing natural light as well as additional seating. This expansion is needed as our enrollment grows in order to provide enough seating for our college community at meal times.

Additional Projects

These additional projects include the construction of additional student housing, classrooms, administrative buildings, and parking lots necessary for the support of 1200 traditional students. These projects have not yet been fully developed; therefore, there are no architectural plans and artist renditions.
  1. Future Residence Hall
  2. Future President’s Home
  3. Future Administration/Alumni Offices
  4. Future Parking Lots