Student Achievement and Institutional Data

Your Achievements Are Our Success

Bryan College evaluates student achievement consistent with its mission: “Educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world.” Various criteria will include graduation, retention, job placement rates, general education testing, major field testing, and nationally-normed self-report studies. Data are analyzed as part of institutional Effectiveness and are reviewed by appropriate faculty, staff, and administration.

This page features the annual publication of Bryan College’s key student achievement goals. Bryan College also publishes a data-repository document, the Student Outcomes Manual (SOM) (linked below). While the SOM document contains many valuable data, the key data on major student achievement metrics (retention, graduation, placement, and major testing), along with minimal institutional thresholds and goals/targets for these metrics, is published exclusively on this Student Achievement webpage.

National Assessment Testing for Majors

Many academic programs use national major field tests (standardized across an entire area of study, regardless of the institution), if available and compatible with the unique distinctives and worldview of the program, as part of outcomes assessment, overseen by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) at Bryan College. Bryan uses several major tests and the results compare favorably with national scores.

Bryan College’s goal/target is 75th percentile or above for tested majors.

Bryan College’s minimal threshold is 50th percentile for tested majors. Programs with recent data below this threshold undergo review and modification to improve student achievement outcomes.

SubjectRanking 2023
Biology56th percentile (below threshold)
Business67th percentile (below threshold)
History84th percentile (exceeds target)
Literature in English95th percentile (exceeds target)
Math66th percentile (below threshold)
Psychology60th percentile (below threshold)