Office of Academics

Dr David Calland

Dr. David Calland

Vice President of Academics and Provost

Dr. David Calland joined Bryan College in July 2020 as the Vice President of Academics and Provost. He is responsible for the administration of all of the College’s academic programs including the School of Humanities and Christian Studies, the School of Professional Studies, and the Vogel School of Engineering. He also is a member of the President’s Executive Cabinet.

Dr. Calland holds a Ph.D. in organizational management from Capella University in Minnesota, a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in psychology from Liberty University. Incoming Bryan College President Dr. Douglas Mann noted Dr. Calland’s breadth of unique roles and experience in federal government, private industry and higher education, that he said make him a perfect fit for Bryan College.

His experience in higher education includes traditional instruction in the classroom and development of curriculum for online platforms. He has held positions as department chair, associate dean and interim dean for the School of Business at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., and most recently as administrative dean for Residential Programs and dean of the Graduate School at the university.

Dr. Calland has years of experience in administrative and senior leadership planning.  His expertise has been called upon to support key decisions for academic programs, budgets, facilities and policy.

As he transitions to Bryan College, Dr. Calland said,

“I consider this opportunity to be one of the most significant blessings of my life. Next to my relationship with Christ and my incredible wife Kate, I consider the opportunity to serve the students, faculty and staff at Bryan College a sacred trust. Kate and I are humbled, but enormously excited to take part in the life and community at Bryan while we participate in God’s work in Dayton.”

Dr. Mann said,

“We are blessed to have David and Kate join us as we serve the Bryan College community. We know that there will be challenges ahead, but are confident that with the right team in place, we will meet the needs of our students as they prepare to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world.”

Contact Information

Academic Department

Location: Mercer
Phone: 423.775.7200
Mailing Address: 721 Bryan Drive, Dayton, TN  37321

Office of Academics
  • F. Annette Watt, M.M., Senior Academic & Administrative Operations Coordinator
  • Dave Calland, Ph.D. School of Professional Studies
  • Scott Jones, D.Min., Dean, Honors Institute | Professor of Christian Ministry
  • Pamela Giles, Ph.D., Dean, Ward School of Nursing | Professor of Nursing
  • Lyle Smith, Ph.D., Dean, Vogel School of Engineering | Associate Professor of Mathematics & Physics
  • Samuel Youngs, Ph.D., Dean of Humanities & Christian Studies| Associate Professor of Christian Studies| Director of Accreditation & Assessment
  • Bethany Cothern M.M.,  Director of the Performing Arts Academy
  • Gary Fitsimmons, Ph.D., Director of Library Services 
  • Stacey Gates, M.B.A., Director of Dual Enrollment
  • Adina Scruggs, D.B.A., Director of the Doctor of Business Administration Program 
  • Andrew Smith, B.A., Executive Director of Admissions
  • Mandi K. Sullivan, M.Ed., Director of Academic Programs
  • Andrew Smith, M.B.A., Executive Director of Admissions
  • Christopher Beard, B.A., Admissions Residential Recruiter
  • Jody L. Cheon, Associate Director of Admissions 
  • Tracy Davidson, B.A., Admissions Counselor
  • Gina Evans, B.S., Administrative Assistant, Dual Enrollment
  • Morgan Gates, B.S., BC Online Recruiter
  • Stacey Gates, M.B.A., Director of Dual Enrollment
  • Paula Schiffer, M.Ed., Contact Center Manager
  • Angie Stephens, Admissions Assistant
  • Pat Wesolowski, Homeschool Counselor
Academic Resource Center [ARC]
  • Leigha Miller, M.A., Director of the Academic Resource Center [ARC]
  • Emilie Belisle, M.A.,  Calling & Career Development
  • Emily Peterson, B.S., Student Success Coach
  • Daria Sharova Poole, M.S., Tutoring and Testing Success Coach
Bryan Centers
  • Kevin Clauson, J.D., Director, Center for Faith, Freedom and the Constitution 
  • Neal A. Doran, Ph.D., Director, Creation Research Center 
  • K. Daniel Gleason, Ph.D., Director, Center for Undergraduate Research 
  • Dennis Miller, M.S., Director, Center for International Development
Department Chairs
  • Geoff Knowles, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Engineering
  • K. Daniel Gleason, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Humanities 
  • Michael Finch, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Communication Studies
  • Benton Jones, M.B.A., Chair, Department of Business & Economics 
  • Scott Jones, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Christian Studies & Philosophy 
  • Kimberly A. Keck, D.M.A, Chair, Department of Worship & Performing Arts 
  • Alice D. Lawrence, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Biology 
  • David E. Perron, Ed.D., Chair, Department of Exercise & Health Science 
  • Clark C. Rose, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Psychology 
  • Kathryn A. Saynes, Ed.D., Chair, Department of Education 
  • Jamie Summerville, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Mathematics & Physical Sciences
  • Gary Fitsimmons, Ph.D., Director of Library Services 
  • Polly E. Revis, B.S., Technological Services Manager
  • Erin Sanchez, M.S.I.S., Library Outreach Technician
  • Kevin W. Woodruff, M.S.I.S., Special Collections and Projects Librarian
  • Janet M. Piatt, M.S.Ed., Registrar
  • Brenda Wooten, Associate Registrar
Support Staff
  • Audrey Blalock, B.S., Administrative Assistant, Vogel School of Engineering
  • Donna Eldridge, B.S., Academic Advisor
  • Brian Heskitt, B.S., Laboratory Technician for Engineering
  • Erica Holloway, B.A., Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator
  • Steve Paulson, B.S., Lead Instructional Designer
  • Josie Riggs, B.S., Academic Advisor
  • Hannah Schultz, J.D., Title IX / ADA Coordinator 
  • Jennifer A. Travis, B.S., Coordinator of Field Experiences and Education Specialist
  • T.J. Zinke, M.S.A.T., Faculty Athletic Representative