Office of Business Operations & Finance

Tim Hostetler

Tim Hostetler

Senior Vice President of Business Operations & Finance

Tim Hostetler was named Senior Vice President in 2020. He provides oversight of Business Operations and Finance, working closely with the President in an advisory role. Tim oversees various areas of the college including Physical Plant, Food Service, Campus Store & Mailroom, Construction Services, Finance Department: HR, Business Office, Financial Aid and IT, and Special Projects. He is a member of the President’s Executive Cabinet.

Tim came to Bryan in September 1987 as an Admissions Counselor and has since served as Director of Financial Aid, Executive Director of Operations, and Vice President of Operations and Student Services & Ministries. Prior to coming to Bryan, he served as Assistant Director of a camp for military officers in Pennsylvania. In addition, Tim has been involved in the creation of a small private Christian school in the Dayton area. He is a graduate of Bryan College with a degree in business administration and a masters in business administration. Tim and his wife, Anita, currently live in Evensville, Tennessee where they enjoy family time with their three adult children and daughter-in-law.

Contact information

Operations Department

Location: Latimer Student Center
Phone: 423.775.7284
Mailing Address: 721 Bryan Drive, Dayton, TN  37321

Business Operations
  • Donna Belisle, M.A., Auxiliary Services Manager
  • Valerie A. Castlen, Mail Services Manager
  • Janis A. Green, Campus Store and Mail Services Assistant
  • Michael Kennedy, M.A., Director of Campus Safety & Security / Campus Military Liaison / COVID Care Coordinator
  • Angie Price, B.S., Director of Human Resources
  • Nancy Ezell, B.S., Controller
  • Elise Combs, A.S., Accounting Assistant
  • Morgan Halstead, B.A., Student Financial Specialist [PT]
  • Sonia Harkin, Human Resource Assistant & COVID Care Coordinator
  • Morgan Hartman, Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Sharron Padgett, B.A., Financial Specialist
Financial Aid
  • David Haggard, M.S., Director of Financial Aid
  • Elizabeth Dahl, B.A., Student Financial Specialist
  • Morgan Halstead, B.A., Student Financial Specialist [PT]
  • Beth Hixson, Student Financial Specialist
  • Judy Shetter, Student Financial Specialist [PT]
  • Ally Underwood, B.A., Student Financial Specialist
Information Technology
  • James Sullivan, M.C.S.A., Director of Information Technology
  • Bob Barger, Senior Database Administrator
  • Andrew Biddle, B.S., Assistant Network Administrator
  • Mike Hall, B.A., Senior Applications Developer
  • Ryan Harris, Computer Technician
Physical Plant
  • Antonio Arizmendi, General Maintenance and Plumber
  • Jonathan D. Bacon, B.S., Environmental Services Assistant
  • Lisa Frisbee, Environmental Services Assistant
  • Christian Goins, Environmental Services Assistant
  • Blake Hamrick, Electrician
  • Dwayne Hardyman, Environmental Services Assistant
  • Kyle Headlee, General Maintenance and Repair Worker | HVAC
  • Verna Janow, Environmental Services Assistant
  • M. Ryan Kerley, General Maintenance Technician
  • David Morgan, Director of Physical Plant | Electrician
  • Eric Morgan, General Maintenance and Repair Worker
  • Lisa Neal,  Environmental Services Assistant
  • Renee Shook, Environmental Services Supervisor
  • Tommy Shook, Grounds Supervisor
  • Jimmy Swafford, General Grounds and Fleet Worker
  • Kelly Townsend, Landscaping Supervisor
  • Mick Walker, Office Manager