Office of Student Services & Ministries

Office of Student Services and Ministries
  • Bruce A. Morgan, M.A., Dean of Students
  • Logan Sheetz, M.A., Director of Outreach Ministries
  • Kimberle Tuttle, M.S., Administrative Assistant for Student Life
ARC [Achievement, Resources, and Connection]
  • Timothy D. Shetter, M.A., Associate Dean of Students
  • Hannah Schultz, J.D., ADA Coordinator
  • Sunny Simpson, M.S., Director of Academic Support & Student Success Coach
  • Rachel Pacurari, M.A., Director of Counseling Services [PT]
  • Jenna Eastwood, M.A., Counselor [PT]
  • Nathan Harris, M.A., Counselor [PT]
Residence Life
  • Nick Pacurari, M.A., Director of Residence Life & Student Engagement | Resident Director, Townhouses
  • Kasey Kalk, B.A., Resident Director, Huston
  • Jenny Swafford, M.S., Resident Director, Robinson
  • Stephen Ricketts, M.B.A., Resident Director, Long
  • Joshua Watkins, B.A., Resident Director, Woodlee-Ewing