Strategic Plan: Transformed 2025

Strategic Plan

Vision Statement 

Bryan College seeks to promote biblical authority and academic excellence in the transformation of our students and the broader community, through wise stewardship, generous conviction, and cultural discernment. We aim to further the impact of our mission in the world by strategically growing our student body, developing market-attuned programs, and enhancing our workplace quality.


Defining Our Values

The College seeks to assist in the personal growth and development of qualified students by providing an education based upon an integrated understanding of the Bible and the liberal arts.

We are committed to the authority of the Bible.

We embrace our Christian heritage while graciously engaging a world of diverse viewpoints.

We strive to produce students who are excellent in their chosen fields of study.

We wisely use our resources and personnel to strategically fulfill our Mission.

We intentionally participate in the transformation of all in our community–students, faculty, and staff—into the image and likeness of Christ.

We strive to be consistent in our Christian witness in our beliefs, values, and actions.

We pay attention to cultural trends, adjusting our programs and initiatives to prepare our students to make the most impact in the world for Christ.

We aim to be a fair, fulfilling, and growth-promoting workplace.

Educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world

— Bryan College (Est. 1930)

Christ Above All

Key Performance Indicators


Institutional Scope, Accreditation

Achieve Level-Change to Doctoral Level

Five Recommendations from SACSCOC, Responses due 4/17. 100% achievement.

100 percent pie chart


Achieve Reaffirmation with SACSCOC (2024)

Compliance Certification Report is 100% complete.

100 percent pie chart

Quality Enhancement Plan Report is 30% Complete.

30 percent pie chart


Operations & Finance

Improve Campus Facilities: Dorm Renovations

100% completion, of dorm renovations completed in SU22. New parking lots completed in 2022. Remaining dorm work to be completed SU23.

100 percent pie chart


Increase Non-Athletic Scholarships by 5%

Fall 2022: (+100%)

100 percent pie chart

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Student Life

Implement Holistic Christian Formation Program

Ran the SpiritPulse assessment to gain data on students’ spiritual lives; data not yet finalized, so 20% completion.

20 percent pie chart


Increase Student Engagement Opportunities

More opportunities this past year; increases in student satisfaction and Retention. 100% completion.

100 percent pie chart


Increase Usage and Impact of Counseling Services

18% of students received individual counseling; 73% of students received psychoeducation of some kind. 100% completion.

100 percent pie chart

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Academics, Admissions, Retention

Increase Student Retention and Persistence by 1% each year

For 2022-2023: +100% achievement

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Increase Enrollment

  • New Student Enrollment: = 20% achievement
  • Credits Sold for Online Students: = 80% achievement
  • DE Enrollment: = 66% achievement

student Life bar chart


Ten New Market-Fit Programs

Three new programs: 30% completion.

  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Certificate in Manufacturing Management
  • Certificate in Healthcare Administration

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Advancement & Athletics, pt1

Increase Fundraising

  • Increase Budgeted Annual Fundraising
    Completion data pending.
  • Fund the Arnold & Woodlee-Ewing Project
    Total: $731,756 = +100% completion
  • Increase Athletic Department Fundraising
    Received: $395,795 = +100% completion

Athletics Fundraising Bar Chart


Advancement & Athletics, pt2

Expand Athletic Offerings

Ongoing strategic evaluation; no new sports or clubs yet. 0% completion.

0 percent pie chart


Enhance Alumni Support from 8% to 10%

2022-2023: Not achieved.

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Mercer 217, Box #7808

Office Phone: 423-775-7514