Do I have to make an appointment?

You don’t have to make an appointment; we welcome walk-in consultations. However, if you don’t make an appointment, we can’t guarantee that a consultant will be available to meet with you.

How do I make an appointment?

Go to our online scheduler, and follow the instructions to create an account. Once you’ve created an account, log into the scheduler, selecting the appropriate service from the “Choose a Schedule” drop-down menu. Follow the instructions to reserve a time slot for your appointment.

If you are an AGS or Dual Enrollment students, you may choose to schedule “Online” tutoring, which means you will return to WCONLINE and meet with your tutor in real time, or you may choose “eTutoring,” where you upload a paper and receive notification when your tutor has responded with comments. Visit this step-by-step guide on setting up and attending online tutor consultations.

What if I can’t make it to my appointment?

If you need to cancel your consultation, please let us know immediately. To do this, 1) log into the online scheduler, 2) select your appointment, 3) check the “Cancel this appointment” box, 4) click “Save Changes.” This will free the time slot so someone else can use it.

How many appointments may I have per week?

You may have two 30-minute consultations per day and up to three consultations per week.

Will my professor know that I visited the ARC?

Yes. We will give you the Writing Studio or Tutoring form that your consultant will fill in during your consultation and mail a copy of it to your professor. We will also keep a copy of the form in our files.

Tutoring FAQ

 What exactly happens in a tutoring appointment?

We don’t have a checklist of tasks to accomplish in each appointment; rather, we tailor each meeting to our client's individual needs. Typically, we will ask what concerns you have and then go from there. (So bring your questions!)

Specifically, if you just want to talk about what you’re learning in class, we’re happy to listen and discuss it with you. If you’re having trouble understanding your textbook or class lectures, we can talk you through that information. If you want, we can give you study tips or help you review for exams. You can meet with one of our French or Spanish tutors and practice conversing in those languages with the correct pronunciation.

Can I come to the ARC to talk about my upper-level coursework?

Sure! Our tutors are all advanced in their studies of their tutoring subjects and are excited about working with students in both upper-level and lower-level classes.

What should I bring to my tutoring appointment?

You should bring anything that will help us accomplish your goals for your appointment. This often includes your:

  • Course textbook(s)
  • Class notes
  • Homework assignment (if you want to work on homework)

How do I become a tutor for the ARC?

You can apply online to Become a Peer Tutor.

Writing Studio FAQ

What can the Writing Studio do for me?

At the Bryan Writing Studio, we believe that writers need readers. Why? Because writers write for readers. When you write, you participate in a conversation—a conversation between you and your reader. But unlike other kinds of conversations, your reader usually won’t have the opportunity to ask for more explanation, clarify meanings of words, or point out gaps in your logic. Talking through your writing with another person helps you identify potential questions about it so you can make it clearer and more convincing—before you present your finished work to your audience.

More specifically, if you’re uncertain about how to begin, we can help you understand your assignment and brainstorm. If you have ideas but can’t get started, we can help you get some words on paper and make a plan. If you have a specific question about grammar or punctuation, we can help you find the answer. If you only want to talk through your ideasand test their logic or clarity, we’re excited about discussing them with you.

What is a Writing Studio consultation?

A WC consultation is simply a time for you to sit down and talk about your writing with one of our trained writing consultants. It’s a chance for you to show your writing to someone else and to get answers to questions that often trouble writers: “Does this idea make sense?” “Does my paper flow alright?” “Do I have enough support for this point?”

What exactly happens during a consultation?

We don’t have a checklist of tasks to accomplish in each consultation; rather, we tailor each meeting to our clients’ individual needs. Typically, we will ask what concerns you have with your paper and then go from there. (So if you have questions, bring them!) If you have a draft, we will usually read some of it aloud together (sometimes the whole paper, sometimes only the introduction and conclusion) and discuss it—strengths, spots that could be improved, problematic habits, grammar, punctuation, tone, etc.

We’re happy to help you however we can, but remember that a Writing Studio visit is only one part of the process of writing a good paper. Since polished papers require much more than 30 minutes of work, you will almost always need to continue working on your draft after your consultation.

Will the Writing Studio proofread my paper?

We can’t proofread your paper for you because our goal at the Bryan Writing Studio is not simply to help you turn in a better paper; it’s to help you become a better writer. If we proofread your paper, you won’t learn how to do that job on your own. Instead, we will help you acquire the skills that you need to proofread your paper for yourself. We will certainly answer any questions you have; we can help you get started proofreading and guide you through the process. In the end, though, proofreading is up to you.

 What should I bring to my Writing Studio consultation?

  • Your assignment
  • If you have a draft, 2 copies of it (one for you to read and one for the consultant to read)
  • Anything else that might help us work on your assignment: notes, outline, previous drafts with instructor comments, etc.

What if I don’t have my paper done in time for my consultation?

No problem! We’re here to help you at any stage of the writing process, so bring your assignment and whatever work you’ve done so far, and we’ll go from there.


Are Writing Studio consultations only for class assignments, or may I bring my other writing to the Writing Studio also?

Sure! Whether you’re fulfilling a class assignment, writing poetry for the Literary and Visual Arts Contest, or just writing a personal essay for your own enjoyment, we want to discuss your writing with you. We’re here to serve the Bryan community by encouraging and equipping students, staff, and faculty to write excellently, so we’re interested in talking about any of your writing that you want to bring to us.