Dr. Ron Petitte

Dean, Honors Institute
Professor of Politics & Government
Director of the Center for Leadership and Justice

E-mail: petittro@bryan.edu
Office Phone: 423.775.7311
Box: 7806

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Academic Degrees

  • D.P.A. Public Administration, Golden Gate University
  • M.A. Management/Administration, Central Michigan University
  • B.A. English, Virginia Military Institute

Academic Honors and Recognition

  • Outstanding Teaching in Political Science: Joint Awards presented by the American Political Science Association, at their annual international conference and the National Political Science Honor Society, on August 29, 2009, in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, “for creativity and innovation in the classroom,” presented by Bryan College on Honors day, April 25, 2007, in Dayton, Tennessee.

Civic Awards & Community Involvement

  • George Washington Honor Medal, awarded by Freedoms Foundation, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.
  • The Ronald Reagan Republican Presidential Task Force, Medal of Merit.
  • The Commandant of the Marine Corps’ Quality Citizen Recognition Award.
  • Principle cast member, The Scopes Trial: “Inherit The Truth.”

Scholarly Contributions and Professional Associations

  • The Oxford Round Table 2013: Presenter and Discussion Leader, Harris-Manchester College, Oxford University.
  • The Oxford Round Table 2011: Presenter and Discussion Leader, Lincoln College, Oxford University.
  • The Oxford Round Table 2008: Presenter and Discussion Leader, Pembroke College, Oxford University.
  • American Political Science Association.
  • American Society for Public Administration.
  • Attenders & Alumni of the Hague Academy of International law.
  • Midwest Political Science Association.
  • Reserve Officers Association.

Additional Areas of Expertise

  • Countering Human Trafficking: Spokesman in International and National Forums.
  • Leadership: Doctoral Dissertation; U.S. Army Command & General Staff College Graduate.
  • International Law and International Relations: Certificate from The Hague Academy Centre for Studies and Research in International Law & International Relations.
  • International Relations: Diploma, The University of Vienna.