Center for Faith, Freedom, and the Constitution

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do ?” (Ps 11:3, NKJV)



The Center for Faith, Freedom, and the Constitution at Bryan College seeks to provide the Bryan community and the general public with the tools to confidently affirm the values and institutions that historically have informed American society:

  • religious liberty,
  • traditional Judeo-Christian morality,
  • limited constitutional government,
  • the Rule of Law within the Western Legal Tradition,
  • personal and political responsibility,
  • free enterprise within the moral context of private property rights.

All of these are founded on a biblically-based Christian Worldview and the ideas of Western Civilization.  We assert that America is a truly exceptional country which was founded and prospered under the Providential hand of the God of the Bible.

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VISION Feature

The Center will use as many means as possible to spread this message, including more traditional methods (e.g., respected speakers, conferences, forums, debates, “newsletter”) and electronic means (e.g., website, blog, etc.), in order to equip people to defend the ideas which the Center stands for and which the college supports. We also anticipate creating a speaker’s bureau and the positions of “fellows” (or “senior fellows”), special “ambassadors” of the vision.


Bryan College was named for late-nineteenth century and early twentieth century Christian statesman William Jennings Bryan.  Mr. Bryan, who three times sought the Presidency and also served as a Secretary of State, spent the latter part of his life defending Christianity and its values, including the creation of Man by a special act of God (which culminated in the so-called Scopes Trial in Dayton Tennessee, just a few days before his death in Dayton). Mr. Bryan referred to all of his work and activity—including his political achievements—as “applied Christianity”. We agree with that position.


The current Director of the Center for Faith, Freedom, and the Constitution is Kevin L. Clauson M.A., J.D., who also serves as Professor of Politics and Government at Bryan College. He is a former Vice President of Academics at Bryan College, founder and president of The Patrick Henry Institute, a policy education organization, former “founding” head of the Government Division at Liberty University, and a former Political Science professor at Grove City College. He has been involved in policy and politics for decades, in 2008 serving on the full-time staff of an American presidential candidate.  This is what Dr. Clauson had to say about his passion for the Center:

“We are forgetting our rich heritage, and this Center, as well as Bryan College, will do its small part to enable students and others to become excited about it again, and to make a difference for Christ in the governmental and public policy arena.”

— Kevin L. Clauson