Registrar - Frequently Asked Questions

Registrar FAQs

How do I keep track of the hours I have taken and what I need to finish the requirements for my major?
You can monitor your progress via your MyBryan account under course history. You will be assigned an academic adviser in your major area of study who will assist you in your course planning.
How do I go about changing my exams if I want to leave early to go home?

The exam schedule is published at the beginning of each semester by the Registrar’s Office. A copy is on our bulletin board. The student is expected to consult that schedule early before making any travel plans for the end of the semester.

How do I keep up with all the technical information such as dates to drop/add, when to fill out major and minor applications or applications for graduation?

All of these pertinent dates are listed in the front of the Class Schedule you receive prior to pre-registration as well as the events calendar. Student Life also communicates general announcements via email.  Please feel free to stop by the office or consult your adviser.

I just don’t know what to choose for my major. Is there someone I can talk to so I could make up my mind?

You can stop by the Career Services.

Is there any place on campus where I can obtain information on graduate level exams such as GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc?

Yes. This information can be obtained in the Career Services.

I really am not happy with the major I chose and want to change the course of my studies. What do I do?

Come to the Registrar’s Office and pick up a Change of Major form. We can tell you who the Department Chair is for your new major. You should complete the form, which contains the signature of your old adviser and new Department Chair. You will be assigned a new academic adviser and should make an appointment with your new adviser so that he/she can get to know you and can adequately assist you in your degree program. The completed form should then be returned to the Registrar’s Office.

I’ve heard that I have to apply for my major. Is this correct, and if so, how do I go about doing it?

By the end of your Sophomore year, you should have set your goals for your degree and be actively pursuing those goals. At this point, you should obtain an Application for Major form in the Registrar’s Office, take a few moments to complete the form, get your adviser’s signature and return it to us. This allows us to track your progress. By the same token, if you plan to pursue a minor, the same process applies with the Application for Minor.

If I need a copy of my transcript, how can I get it? Does it cost anything?

It seems there is a form for everything! This is no exception. There is a transcript request form that can be obtained in the Registrar’s Office. There is a place to enter the address of the party you are sending your transcript to along with places for your personal information and your signature. This signature is what releases your records to a second party. (According to law, we cannot release any of your academic information to anyone without your signature.) The Business Office then clears the transcript request form. If there are any outstanding accounts there, they will not release your transcript. We then prepare your transcript according to the information on the form. The cost for a transcript is $10.00. If you are not on campus you can submit a transcript request online.

If I need a paper verifying I am a student at Bryan, where do I go?

You come to the Registrar’s Office and request a form for enrollment verification. Submit this completed form to the Office.

What is an Application for Graduation? Where and when is this to be pursued? What is the purpose?
There is a form called Application for Graduation. This form should be obtained in the Registrar’s Office and completed by the close of the Junior year. It has several purposes.
  1. When received, the Registrar completes an audit of your proposed degree, sending you a remainder list with everything you need to complete before you can graduate. There have been instances when students have believed their transfer work was taken care of and after the audit discovered their previous educational institution had never sent a final transcript. Or maybe something else has been overlooked. These things all show up on the audit and let the student know exactly where they stand, so for this reason, the form is very important.
  2. The form tells the Registrar when you are planning to graduate and what your intended major(s) and minor(s) are.
  3. It also informs the Registrar how you want your name to be printed on your diploma.
  4. It lists how you want your hometown and state to be listed in the commencement program.
If the students fail to turn in this form at the proper time, they run the risk of having to scramble to make room for a course they didn’t think they needed.
If I decide to take a course at another college, how can I be sure that it will transfer back to Bryan and count for the course needed in my program?

Before registering for any course off-campus, come by the Registrar’s Office and pick up a Petition for Off Campus Credit form. Make a copy of the course description in the catalog of the off-campus school and attach it to the form. There is a place to list the course(s) you plan to take and get the signature of the corresponding professor here at Bryan. When this is returned and signed by the Registrar, you are free to register for the approved course(s) at the listed school. However, it is your responsibility to request a transcript be sent to the Registrar at Bryan as soon as you have completed the course work so that the course can be transferred onto your transcript.

What if I decide to major in two different fields? i.e. English and History?

This would be considered a double major. Both majors are B.A.s. The major required coursework does not overlap. In this case, the student would complete an Application for Major for both majors, consult an adviser in both areas, and complete the Major Requirements for each major, plus the core curriculum requirements and electives required for each major. Core curriculum requirements would only have to be completed once.

Students desiring to complete more than one major also need to complete a “Permission to Double Major” form. This form is available in the Registrar’s Office.

From the Bryan Catalog: “Students are permitted to complete more than one major; however it may take longer to graduate and additional expenses may be incurred. Course scheduling is designed for students attempting one major and so the College is not responsible for resulting schedule conflicts. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the student to seek both permission and academic advisement from both majors. Students desiring to complete more than one major may do so provided a minimum of 50% of the hours required in one major do not overlap with the other major. Completing two options within the same major does not constitute a double major or a second degree.”

What if I want to take an Incomplete (I) grade in a class at the end of the semester? Do I just request this of the professor?

Bryan College policy states: “The grade of I for incomplete is given only when extended illness or other emergency circumstances beyond the student’s control prevent the student from completing assignments or from taking the final examination. Students who receive an ”I” are required to complete course work within eight weeks from the last day of the exam period unless an extension approved by the teacher and the registrar is granted. After this period, the I becomes an F and is recorded on the student’s transcript.”

If you believe your reason fits the description above, then come to the Registrar’s Office and ask for an Incomplete Grade Request form. The form is self-explanatory and must be filled out and signed by the listed persons and returned to the Registrar’s office before the end of final exams.

What if I feel that the grade listed on my grade report is incorrect? What can I do about it?

You can request a copy of the Request for Grade Change form in the Registrar’s Office. This form should be completed with the professor in question and returned to the Registrar for processing.

If I don’t finish the courses needed to graduate by May, am I allowed to participate in graduation and if so, which one?

Participation in the commencement exercises held early in May is normally reserved for:

  1. students completing all degree requirements by the end of the spring semester
  2. students who completed all degree requirements by the end of the previous fall semester may participate or not according to personal choice
  3. students who have one or two courses (no more than 7 credits) may participate as a candidate for graduation provided they have submitted and have had approved a definitive plan to complete their program by August of the same year

In no case may a student participate in two commencement exercises for the same degree.

I notice requirements for different majors change from one catalog to the next. How do I know which requirements I need to finish my major?

Quoting from the catalog, “The Academic Catalog which is current during the first semester the student is enrolled as a matriculated student is the catalog requirements that student is to follow. That catalog will remain open to the student until the student either graduates or does not re-enroll for one or more semesters. A student, in consultation with the adviser, may opt for a newer catalog. In the case where a student leaves Bryan with 18 hours or less remaining, the student has one calendar year from the date of last attendance to complete degree requirements under the entering catalog. Prior approval is required if any coursework is taken at another institution.”

What is the difference between a Tutorial and an Independent Study?
  • tutorial is a regular catalog course for which we would have on file syllabi from previous years, etc. Usually a student would need a tutorial because of an irresolvable conflict or the need to take a course out of sequence. Students cannot do a Tutorial in a Selected Topics (this would be an Independent Study).
  • An independent study is for students who want to study an area in which we do not have a course. This is usually advanced students who are able to work on their own. This has an additional $100 fee for up to 3 credits.
  • The appropriate forms must be completed and in the Registrar’s Office before classes begin for the semester in which the tutorial/independent study is to be undertaken.
Why is it necessary for me to always consult with my adviser? Can’t I plan my own program?

You are assigned an adviser so that he/she can guide you through what, to some, is a very confusing process. Your adviser can help you complete your desired major in the most expeditious manner. Advisers are there to answer your questions and save you and your parents money by keeping your program moving toward completion. You can always come to the Registrar’s Office as well. We will be glad to assist you in any way possible.