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"I had an incredible time interning at the Raiffeisen Bank in Prague. It was extremely valuable to be able to listen and learn from a variety of departments within the bank. We were able to spend quality time with nine different departments. The networking opportunities this internship provided were extremely beneficial as well. After spending the day with the head of the large corporate division, we were invited to a corperate meeting that night. At this gathering, I was able to meet and talk to some very influential people. Some of these people included a board member of the Raiffeisen Bank and an Olympian. I'm very thankful for Dennis Miller and Bryan College for making this internship possible."

Caleb Perez
Raiffeisen Bank of Prague

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I had an incredible experience in Olomouc. For me, as a student of politics and history, being in this area that was Post- Communist was incredible. Knowing the history of Russian occupation in the area, it was interesting to see the effects of these things still present in Olomouc. However, it was also truly incredible to visit both big and small businesses in the area and learn how they affect the larger Olomouc and Czech economies. I would certainly recommend it to anyone!

Keith Lyons
Central European Entrepreneurship Program, Olomouc, Czech Republic

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The Slovak Red Cross Programs like food distribution, sick people transportation for disabled people and free first aid teaching are some examples of them. In Bratislava I could help a couple of days to distribute food for the most needy and in Kosice I could visit one of the poorest slums of the country. On the other side, I was lucky enough to be part of the Red Cross anniversary and visit the main Palace as well as appear on national TV. In Liptosky Mikulaj, I was part of many volunteer initiatives in the town providing free first aid teachings in different events. Definitely an amazing internship that provided me valuable career and life experience.

Andres Arteaga
Slovak Red Cross Internship Experience

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“The Central European internship was truly an amazing experience and definitely changed the way I thought about entrepreneurship. I learned more in those five days than I could have ever anticipated.”

Daniel Schneider
The Central European Internship - Slovakia

“ entire perspective of domestic helpers has changed, and I walked away from the internship with a better understanding of the issue at hand and the part that I can play in helping end this worldwide atrocity of human trafficking.”

Paige Rajala
Hong Kong Human Trafficking Internship with Youth Global Network/852 Freedom Campaign

“I learned so much from my training and believe we can use some of the Dúha Crisis Center's techniques at centers in the United States.”

Rebecca McConkey
Dúha Crisis Center - Slovakia

“The internship in Bratislava was life-changing for me… what I brought back and shared with my colleagues at Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union was exciting for all of us. I cannot wait to go back in the future!”

Sarah Thompson
Raiffeisen Bank International/Tatra Banka

My colleague and I had the opportunity to work and observe the Red Cross in Neusiedl am See, Burgenland, Austria. Our time with the Red Cross was extremely informational and very useful to us in our future career plans. During our time with the Red Cross, we would ride along on ambulance shifts with the Austrian paramedics and volunteers. We had the opportunity to experience work with both the professionals and volunteers at the ambulance service, as well as observe the transportation and emergency shifts. Our time in Austria was an extraordinary experience filled with fascinating trips and learning opportunities, lots of good food, and new international friendships. We cannot thank the Austrian Red Cross enough for this opportunity. Danke schön!

Riley Lawyer
Austrian Red Cross