Biopsychology (B.S.)

Biopsychology combines a streamlined health-focused biology major with a rich selection of psychology courses.

This major is targeted to students interested in both biology and psychology and interested in health care or allied health fields.


Prepare For a Career Connecting Biology and Psychology

Do you love both biology and psychology and struggle with choosing one for your major? Are you planning to apply to medical or professional programs that need to take a large number of prerequisite biology courses, but also love psychology courses? This program offers the best of both worlds, with enough space for additional courses to tailor the educational experience to your individual needs.

Employment and mission opportunities in this field are available in many health- and science-related fields that involve working with people.

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Why study Biology at Bryan?

As a Biology major at Bryan, you will examine God's biological and physical creation from the bio-molecular to the organismal levels. Our students develop close relationships with each other and with faculty mentors; this sense of community fosters personal growth in all areas of their lives. We also emphasize local and international experiences (such as the ACTS program) that prepare you to interact with people of varied backgrounds.

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