Business Administration (B.S.)

Preparing students for the business world

At Bryan College, we want students to be prepared to enter the business world.

Our faculty partner with the Business Advisory Board, a team of local business professionals, to continually update the curriculum to keep pace with the constantly evolving business world. According to an article by Business Insider based on corporate respondents in a study by Bentley University, recommendations were made to better prepare college graduates for the workplace.

Bryan College takes special care in preparing students in the keys ways business managers desire: experiential learning; real-world experience; early exposure to career planning and assessment; training in soft skills.

Experiential Learning

Hands-on Business Experience: Students work with existing businesses and nonprofit organizations to complete projects related to course work, providing students hands-on experience and improving our local community.

Business Simulations: Simulations allow students to apply their learning in a digital environment that mimics real-world situations and results from their business decisions.

Industry Certifications: Certifications provide students with extra credentials that help set them apart from other applicants in the job market. Opportunities throughout the Business curriculum include: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Blueprint, Project Management, and more.

Real-world Experience


Internships provide students with real-world, in office experience.

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International Opportunities

The Bryan Center for International Development (CID) offers students the opportunity to complete summer internships around the world through the CID Global Internship Program.

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The Bryan College ENACTUS team competes against other college and university teams in regional and national competitions. Students develop and complete projects rooted in making a difference in the world.

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Discover the best majors and careers for your interests and values and create an action plan to reach your educational and career goals.

Career Services hosts multiple events throughout the year for students to learn networking and interviewing skills, etiquette, and more. Find out more about career assessment, the Bryan College four-year career action plan, and events.

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Training in Soft Skills

A Liberal Arts education provides students with the a variety of skills needed to adapt in a changing workplace. Students at Bryan College take a variety of courses that teach and improve upon written and verbal communication, complex problem solving, intellectual ability, collaboration, and more.