Christian Ministry (B.S.)

Our Christian Ministry major will help prepare you to serve in a ministerial role or to continue your studies at the graduate-level.

The Christian Ministry program at Bryan College is rooted in a blend of strong biblical and theological emphasis, spiritual formation of the individual, and knowledge of time-tested and contemporary ministry principles. Your studies will be focused on three key educational areas — worldview, character and piety, and service — that will prepare you for numerous ministry opportunities.


Our curriculum provides the training to help you become a well-rounded vocational ministry leader who is prepared to pursue service or further educational opportunities at the seminary or graduate level.

Christian Ministry B.S. 4-Year Plan

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Christian Ministry Electives

Students can use their 15 hours of Christian Ministry electives to specialize in one of our five minors/specialization areas:

Pastoral Ministry Youth Ministry
Worship Ministry

Why study Christian Ministry at Bryan?

Bryan faculty all have PhD’s, DMin, and master’s degrees in Christian education, and are committed to providing you one-on-one discipleship and a quality of education that is both preparatory and devotional in nature to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our graduates serve in a multitude of various ministry roles in local churches, parachurch ministries, and missions organizations. In 1968, according to a recent Barna study, 55 percent of all Protestant clergy were under the age of 45—that is, the majority of all church leaders were in their 20s, 30s and early 40’s. Just 50 years later, only 22 percent are under 45. The Christian Ministry program is developed for and dedicated to training the next generation of young ministry leaders.


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