Communication, Media & Culture (B.S.)

Our Communication, Media & Culture major equips you to bring God into the marketplace of ideas.

A biblical worldview is the basis of the Communication, Media & Culture major at Bryan College, since without such a worldview, there would be no freedom to speak, write, debate, and engage the culture and media. Undergirded by this worldview, this major provides in-depth instruction in both the theoretical and practical aspects of Communication. The program will inform, inspire, and equip you to effectively and strategically communicate the truth and transforming power of Christ through traditional means, as well as the internet — including social media.

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Our faculty is committed to providing an academically rigorous program of study that allows you to explore communication through the lens of a Christian worldview. You can learn to speak at a professional level via one of the speech labs. The school's newspaper and other writing opportunities can train you in how to use different formats, to connect with various audiences. Our instruction in digital and film media, corporate communication, and social media with graphic design can help you take the lead in crafting content for future employers.


Why study Communication at Bryan?

Bryan College, specifically the Department of Communication, Media, and Culture, provides you with hands-on experience in digital media, corporate communication, and film emphasis. You will have opportunities to the contribute to the college's news site – via photography, video, and media writing – as well as develop projects for corporate communication and serve in internship positions around the region.


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