Criminal Justice (B.A.)

Our Criminal Justice major equips you to systematically apply principles of justice to both the criminal and the crime victim.

When we understand justice from God's point of view, it properly shapes and defines what governments are tasked to do at the macro level, and what the Criminal Justice component does at the more micro level. When we put those principles into practice at the community, state, and national levels, society is safer, more predictable, and more sustainable.

Bryan College's Criminal Justice program places a premium on those principles, training you to balance the need for “law and order” with the need for “due process of law,” and equipping you for a career that exercises fair treatment for both victims and defendants.

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Preparing you for a position in the broad, growing field of criminal justice

In a time when it is increasingly difficult to live out our testimony in our careers, it is rewarding to know that your chosen career in the criminal justice field is one that is NOT in conflict with Christian values.

Bryan provides you with an excellent foundation for entry into governmental service at the local, state, or federal levels, in a wide variety of positions — from a sheriff's deputy, probation officer, or correctional officer, to an FBI agent, Homeland Security agent, or ICE agent dealing with international criminal justice-related activities.

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Why study Criminal Justice at Bryan?

Bryan faculty believe you need not only the tools to successfully compete in the workforce, but also the philosophical and educational foundations to engage in “applied Christianity” — the term used by William Jennings Bryan to describe his political endeavors — and to think creatively and reasonably.

With a Criminal Justice major deeply wrapped up in our overall liberal arts curriculum, Bryan is uniquely positioned to offer you an outstanding education in Criminal Justice — whether theoretical or hands-on — due to the education and experience of our instructional staff. You will be taught by men and women who have "street experience" living out the Christian Faith while serving the community in which we live and work.

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