Engineering (B.S.E.)

Our Engineering degree helps you fulfill God's call to serve others and to manage the environment.

The Engineering major at Bryan College provides you with a broad foundation for a variety of careers that can impact the world for Christ. Upon graduation, you will have an opportunity to pursue a rewarding and in-demand career — while also making a difference — working in industries both here in the United States and around the world.

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Program Educational  Objectives

  • Demonstrate the technical, social, and communication skills needed to solve the complex problems facing our world, while developing a passion for life-long learning.
  • Be a contributing team member with a focus on serving through innovative and skillful engineering practices.
  • Display professional ethics and behavior that extend the dominion of mankind on the earth and alleviate the effects of the fall while sharing the good news of God’s full dominion and complete remedy to all people.
  • Exhibit a Biblical pursuit of excellence and wisdom in integrating education, faith, and professional skills in a holistic way to guide technical decisions.


Bryan College's Vogel School of Engineering provides the following options for you to tailor your degree to your interests:


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Business Management

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Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering option will prepare you to design, build, and maintain infrastructure — from roads to bridges, to drinking water and energy systems — essential to modern society.

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Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering option will train you in the principles of force, energy, and motion in order to create and develop mechanical systems.

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Developing your professional expertise while emphasizing missional possibilities in underdeveloped countries

Our Engineering major allows you to gain expertise in your area of focus while learning how to utilize your desired career as a form of kingdom glorification. Doors are open in virtually every country to engineers who can assist with infrastructure needs and sanitation and clean water projects while sharing the gospel.

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Why study Engineering at Bryan?

Bryan Engineering faculty provide you with the necessary grounding and context for your profession. Our engineering professors not only prepare you to develop sustainable infrastructures for various industries, but they also place a premium on serving you by helping you develop spiritually. In addition to being exposed to a relevant curriculum, you will have unique opportunities to work with local manufacturers in Dayton and the surrounding community to gain real-world knowledge and application of engineering concepts through a senior capstone course.


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