History (B.A.)

Where are They Now?

Bryan’s history graduates continue to utilize their degrees in a wide range of careers and fields.

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Many remain in the realm of higher ed; Dr. Mark Smith (1992) serves as the chair of the Political Science Science Department at Cedarville University, where he also directs their Center for Political Studies. Ben Norquist (2004) is currently serving at Wheaton College as the assistant director of Opus: The Art of Work, a multi-faceted program that seeks to equip students and faculty with vocational discernment and civic responsibility. Lawrence LaPlue (2008) received his Ph.D. in economics at the University of Tennessee and is an assistant professor of economics at New Mexico State University. Many history graduates are also teaching at various primary and high schools around the nation, including Jason Henderson (2010), Josh Beard (2012), Vashti Pearson (2000), and Kateline Vaughn (2003).

Pictured: Dr. Mann ('92), Provost and Vice President of Academics (Photo by Kaitlyn Becker Johnson).


In addition to its impressive roster of educators, Bryan’s history department is home to a variety of successful businessmen and women. Paul Shearer (2008), a banker, remarks- “You wouldn’t think that a history degree would be particularly helpful to a career in banking, but I’ve found that the skills I honed in the history department were very applicable. Problem solving, critical thinking, drafting, and researching, are all common activities… I don’t think I could have had better preparation with another major.” Elijah Peters (2001) and Nick Hansen (2006) are both successful small business owners. Steve Prout (1994) is the president of the southeast chapter of Solar Atmospheres, Inc. and serves on Bryan’s Business Advisory Board.

A missional theme also runs strong through the list of history graduates. John Leckrone (2016), Sarah Martin (2002), Dillon McElroy (2004), and Shannon McGowan (2012) have all served or are currently serving in a missions capacity, both at-home and abroad.

Pictured: Rachel Dee ('10).


Many history graduates call Bryan home for more than just their undergraduate studies. Bruce Morgan (1982) serves as the Dean of Students. Josh Bradley (2011) is in his fifth season as Bryan’s track and field coach, and Rachel Dee (2010) returned to campus to serve as the Resident Director of Arnold Dorm for several years. David Holcomb (1994) has been the Director of Bryan’s Scholarship Fund since 2012 and was named Director of the new Martial Arts Academy this year. Finally, Doug Mann (1992), began serving as Provost and Academic Vice-President this fall.

Countless other graduates continue to serve all around the world as lawyers, teachers, coaches, engineers, parents, and missionaries, making good of Bryan’s mission statement: educating students of Christ to make a difference in today’s world.

Pictured: David Holcomb ('94), Director of the Bryan Scholarship Fund and Director of the Martial Arts Academy.

Where are you now?

All alumni information is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If you would like to update your information or share your experience as a history graduate, please email alumni@bryan.edu.