Mathematics (B.S.)

Our Mathematics degree equips you to explore the order God has embedded in our universe.

In addition to the technical or academic features of our programs, Bryan College offers you something that very few institutions of higher learning can supply: a Christian worldview perspective on mathematics and computer science. The creation story in Genesis illustrates how God brought order out of chaos, and math is the search for that order — an order that ranges from the simplistic to the sublime and is a joy to explore, because we are part of God’s creation. Mathematics is the search for God’s thoughts embedded in the universe.


Tailor your degree to your interests. Bryan's focus on individual learning culminates in a unique research experience for you in a subdiscipline of your own choosing.


With courses that tend to be more theoretical and analytical, this option provides a solid background for students pursuing math-related careers or graduate school in technical fields. Graduates will be fully prepared for entry into any math graduate program in the country or for entry into careers in finance, actuarial studies, or other applied pursuits.

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Applied Mathematics and Computer Technology

A hybrid blending of applied mathematics and computer science, the math courses in this option lean toward application more than theory. A larger number of courses gives you a thorough background in applications that you'll need to move on to a successful technical career or into a graduate program for math or computer science.

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Secondary Licensure

This option provides you with the necessary tools to teach mathematics at the secondary or middle school level. Upon graduation, you'll receive a teaching credential recognized by nearly every state in the nation.

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Providing you with a broad foundation for a variety of careers

Simply put, the world is filled with people who struggle with math. If you are proficient in math, there is a job for you. Your Mathematics degree from Bryan will prepare you for a career in science, finance, insurance, or industry.


Why study Mathematics at Bryan?

Not only do Bryan faculty want you to grow in your understanding of mathematics, they also want you to grow in other areas of your life — especially in your relationship with God.

Our small class sizes allow for personal attention from your professors and close relationships with other math majors. Whether in class or during office hours, our faculty will be your academic counselors, as well as strive to be your spiritual mentors and friends.

Our faculty utilize technology in every class to deepen learning. Our computer laboratory provides visual and hands-on experience with various concepts, and most classes include lab exercises that provide training in solving real-world problems using today’s mathematical tools.

Also, with the majority of math majors going on to earn graduate degrees, we have worked hard to ensure that Bryan graduates in all three options are prepared to continue their studies at any graduate school.

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