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Acts Project

Acts Project — Vocational Gifts for the Global Church

The Acts Project is a summer-long missions experience in which students of all majors experience how their course of study is preparing them for a life of good work for God’s kingdom. It is also a way to fulfill Honors, student teaching, or internship requirements.

The program is preceded by an intensive semester of preparation. CM420 Missions: Foundations and Applications meet weekly in a small, highly interactive study setting, where students explore God’s call to cultivate the Gospel around the world and study current trends in missions. Once on the field, Acts Project interns serve alongside believers of many nationalities and live with missionaries who become cultural guides, vocational mentors, and spiritual friends. At the end of the program, students convene for a debriefing week to process, discuss and move forward transformed.

Cost: $300 course fee + $4,000-$5,000 support
Covers 100% of the program: class field trip, airfare, living stipend for 2+ months on-field, and debriefing week.

Contact Ms. Regan Rhinehart, (423-775-7317) when you’re ready to apply for the program or with your requests for more information.


Phone: 423-775-7317

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    Student Government Association

    Connect. Serve. Grow.

    The Student Government Association exists to best represent the sincere interests of the student body; provide avenues for students to express their valid needs; develop Leadership skills among the student body; promote communication among all initiatives, services, groups, branches, and organizations; uphold the motto “Christ Above All.”

    • Jackson Smith — Student Body President
    • Max Foster — Vice President
    • Nathan Talley — Male Junior Senator
    • Carrisse Arseneaux — Female Junior Senator
    • Andrew Morris — Male Sophmore Senator 
    • Jasmine Matthis — Female Sophomore Senator
    • Hayden Couvillon — Male Freshman Senator
    • Danielle Doran — Female Freshman Senator

    What is SGA working on?

    Homecoming Dorm Wars:

    • Monday, October 3rd — Dorm vs Dorm Trivia
    • Tuesday, October 4th — Dorm vs Dorm Capture the Flag
    • Wednesday, October 5th — Dorm vs Dorm Karaoke
    • Thursday, October 6th — Dorm vs Dorm Dodgeball

    Campus Wide First Aid Training

    Freshman: Christmas Ball




      Veritas: The Honors Program At Bryan College

      Each semester there are certain events planned specifically for Veritas: The Honors Program at Bryan College participants. The majority of these events are on campus and include both academically focused and socially focused events.

      The Overarching Goal of the Veritas: The Honors Program At Bryan College is to aid students in the formation process of a sublime life in the spiritual, intellectual, and moral realms.

      Supporting Goals

      • Judicial — Students will be equipped to express advanced thoughts in written and oral forms about subject matters in various disciplines, particularly in their major discipline area of study.
      • Respectful — Students will be prepared to utilize and maximize critical thought in making informed judgments about problems and issues in various disciplines, particularly their major discipline area of study.
      • Virtuous — Students will be positioned to apply their thoughts, values, and skills to various situations and scenarios related to their major discipline area of study, as well as other life situations.
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      Phone: 423-775-7455

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