Our Biology degree provides you with critical study of science through the lens of a biblical worldview.

Bryan College breaks down the wall between science and faith, helping you to lay the groundwork for a postgraduate education and a career in research, industry, or health care.



Whether you are pursuing an advanced degree, a teaching position, or entry into the workforce, the field of biology presents numerous opportunities for specialization. Choose one of these options to tailor your degree to your interests.


The Foundation option provides a solid foundation of knowledge along with skills in critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, and lab techniques that equip you for success in traditional graduate schools or professional programs (e.g., schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, optometry, and pharmacy).

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Secondary Licensure

This program provides biology secondary education majors with a solid foundation in biology and chemistry, as well as the educational process so you are prepared to teach science at the middle school and/or high school level in public or private schools. You will also receive hands-on practice in designing and teaching science lab activities.

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Preparing you for a career connecting science with scripture

In today's world, science is often regarded as the standard of truth — even among professing Christians. Your Biology degree from Bryan will give you a biblical perspective on origins and new developments in science, which will serve as a crucial prerequisite for postgraduate training for an advanced degree, as well as for a career as a physician, physician assistant, pharmacist, secondary education teacher, or laboratory or field researcher.


Why study Biology at Bryan?

As a Biology major at Bryan, you will examine God's biological and physical creation from the bio-molecular to the organismal levels. Our students develop close relationships with each other and with faculty mentors; this sense of community fosters personal growth in all areas of their lives. We also emphasize local and international experiences (such as the ACTS program) that prepare you to interact with people of varied backgrounds.

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