Business Administration

Our Business Administration degree prepares you to enter and compete in the marketplace.

Bryan College presents a wide range of business disciplines from a Christian worldview and a free-market perspective, all designed to prepare you for the competitive job market. These include leadership, international business, advertising, promotion, consumer behavior, investing, and more.



Tailor your degree to your interests. You can choose one or more of the following business options to pursue your career goals and interests.


The Accounting option focuses on the preparation of financial reports and in-depth study of generally accepted accounting principles and concepts. View Curriculum

Economics & Finance

The Economics and Finance option provides practical training for the financial management of businesses and organizations. View Curriculum


The Management option presents a skill set designed to prepare you to meet organizational objectives through effective planning, resource control, organization, and leadership. View Curriculum


The Marketing option focuses on offering an effective product, presented at the right price, properly promoted to the relevant market, and distributed effectively. View Curriculum

Preparing you for the business world

Bryan College prepares students to compete in the job market, both in the classroom and via extracurricular opportunities. You will engage in real-world experience, career planning, and training in soft skills throughout your time at Bryan.

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Why study business administration at Bryan?

Majoring in Business at Bryan College is a challenging and rewarding experience that prepares you to compete effectively in today’s fast-paced world. Our objective is for students to acquire a knowledge, proficiency, and vision of business through the lens of a biblical worldview, which will enable you to make wise and ethical decisions. Bryan faculty partner with the Business Advisory Board to continually update the curriculum to keep pace with the constantly evolving marketplace.

Accredited: Regional accreditation through SACCSCOC and Business accreditation through IACBE.

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