Communication, Media, & Culture

Communication is pervasive, such that Aristotle claimed that it is the one discipline that affects all the rest.

We commit to provide an academically rigorous program of study which explores communication and a Christian worldview, with its implications for personal development and career possibilities.

It means aiding students in studying communication as the art of interpreting the meaning and significance of people’s shared meanings and cultural activities. What words, images and acts mean, where they originate, and how they sometimes change over time is the concern of the vibrant and thoughtful Christian. An implicit concern is with a developed personal epistemology– how we know what we know. This specifically concerns what we believe, why we believe it, and how we know it is true.

Our Communication alumni are serving as political communication directors and lobbyists, event planners, marketing and public relations specialists, teachers, pastors, missionaries, news media reporters, actors, radio announcers, community relations directors, media critics, and filmmakers.


Bryan College offers a B.A. in Communication and a B.S. with 3 options.

Corporate Communication Option

For students planning to work in profit and non- profit organizations with an accompanying skill set which includes management, leadership, conflict resolution, presentations, public relations and sales.


Digital Media Option

This option allows students to develop writing, researching, interviewing and reporting skills in both traditional print (newspaper / magazine) and electronic formats.


Foundation Option

A broad and inclusive option that allows students to tailor their program to fit their personal career goals.


Communication: Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication is perfect for a student who wants a general communications degree, more freedom with electives, or to combine it as part of a double major.




  • Film and Media
  • Communication Studies
  • Theatre


Sampling of Classes

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Popular Culture & Communication
  • Principles of Public Relations
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Mass Communication Law & Ethics
  • Copyediting & Publication Design
  • Introduction to Film
  • Digital Imaging

Graduate Schools

  • American Film Institute
  • Columbia University School of Journalism
  • Hollins University
  • Middle Tennessee State university
  • Oklahoma University
  • Regent University
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Tennessee

Potential Jobs

  • Actor
  • Lobbyist
  • Ministry/Missions Staff
  • News Media Writer/Reporter
  • Political Campaign Advisor
  • Public Relations Representative
  • Scriptwriter
  • Videographer/Filmmaker
  • Advertising


  • Broad Street Film Festival
  • Student Films
  • Filmmaking Alumni
  • Triangle Student Newspaper
  • Debate Team
  • Commoner Yearbook