Political Communication

A Bachelor of Science degree program, which combines the best offerings in Politics and Communication Studies at Bryan College, enabling the student to gain an in-depth knowledge of this dual discipline.

Bryan College is committed to framing all its programs in a Biblical-Christian Worldview. The Political Communication major focuses on a Christian approach to one of the most popular fields in academia today. Bryan graduates in this major not only will be equipped to go into to the world, but to challenge the world in service to Jesus Christ. Bryan’s diverse offerings in politics and government are based on the University of Oxford degree model, philosophy, politics, and economics, which Bryan College has adapted to offer a broad-gauged interdisciplinary approach to the study of Governmental Studies, Law, Politics, and Political Communication.

The advantage of Bachelor of Science degree programs in Political Communication is that it allows significantly greater concentration on the subject matter at hand (56 hours, versus 30/36 hours in the Bachelor of Arts foundational degree programs), while considerably lightening the course load in the required general education, or core curriculum. For example: one year of a foreign language (versus two in the traditional Bachelor of Arts program) and a lighter science class load.


Sampling of Classes

  • Intercultural Communication
  • Media & American Politics
  • Principles of Public Relations
  • Social Media as Communication
  • State & Local Government
  • Strategy & Tactics in American Politics

Graduate Schools

Graduate programs in Political Communication, which usually are found at large universities.

Potential Jobs

Local, regional, state, and national levels of involvement in campaigns, to include, running for office. Administrative positions in political and governmental offices at the five levels of U.S. Government.