Preapproved Courses through Acadeum

Additional Online Courses Through Acadeum

Bryan College is a member of the Acadeum College Consortium which is a group of accredited private colleges and universities that share select online courses. 

Bryan College students can now choose from a list of preapproved courses by accessing the Acadeum catalog. Departments have vetted and aligned courses from the consortium with Bryan College courses by reviewing course descriptions, syllabi, and additional learning outcome information.

The primary use of the consortium is to provide students flexibility and access to courses.

These courses can be used to do the following:

  • Repeat a course.
  • Increase GPA to potentially remain eligible for scholarships and athletic eligibility.
  • Meet a prerequisite.

These courses are also transcribed as Bryan College courses which allow students to improve their GPA by replacing previously earned grades taken at Bryan College. However, students must be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours) to be eligible to register for a consortial course during the Fall or Spring semester.

Accessing Acadeum Course Share

To access Acadeum Course Share, students must sign up for an account using their Bryan College student email, verify the email, and can then search and register for pre-approved courses.

Student Request and Approval Process

Students should work with their Advisor to identify potential courses to be taken. Students should also contact the Financial Aid Office regarding status and eligibility. Students can then request the course through the Acadeum Platform, found on myBryan, and provide a rationale, as needed.

The Registrar will review requests and consider on-campus course offerings, eligibility, business office standing, and prerequisites, as needed. Once the review is complete, the course request will be approved or denied or more information requested. Submissions are approved on a student-by-student basis.

After final approval, the student will receive assistance directly from the teaching institution and Acadeum support team in regards to logging in and password, learning management systems, and starting the course.

Students may be dropped from an Acadeum course, by Bryan College, if they are found to no longer meet the eligibility requirements.


Students will pay a $1200 fee to Bryan College for all Acadeum courses, in addition to regular block tuition during Fall and Spring semesters, as long as students have 12 credit hours before adding the Acadeum course and do not exceed 17 credit hours. If a student exceeds 17 credit hours, additional tuition will be charged at the current rate. Students will pay a flat fee of $1200 during the Summer semester with no additional tuition required. If a student withdraws from an Acadeum course before the teaching institution’s drop date, a $150 administrative processing fee will be incurred, and the remaining fee refunded to the student’s account. If a student withdraws from an Acadeum course after the teaching institution’s drop date, no refund will be issued. All costs and billing will come directly from Bryan College, not the teaching institution. Any questions regarding costs, fees, or billing can be directed to the Business Office at Bryan College, NOT the teaching institution.

Students are responsible for all costs of learning materials, including textbooks.

Drop/Add Dates

Drop/Add dates are set by the teaching institution. Bryan College has no control over said dates. Students should closely review the requirements for any courses and any additional course fees.

Contact With Questions

Registrar's Office
721 Bryan Drive
Dayton, TN 37321
Mercer 202, Box 7784

Office Phone: 423-775-7236