Bryan Center For International Development

Operational Relationships

Operational Relationships

Since 2003 the Bryan Center for International Development has had numerous operational relationships with major government entities, businesses and corporations, non profit organizations, Christian ministries and universities in the European nations of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Serbia. Other partnerships include Christian ministries and anti-human trafficking organizations in Hong Kong and Uganda.

Bryan's unique operational relationships have provided the means to develop many global programs for its students, faculty, staff and others in the areas of business, law, politics, Christian ministry outreach, communications, psychology and the social sciences.

Pictured: Bryan College students Katrina Chesney, Michelle Dixon, Jacob Dublin, and Caleb Perez participated in an internship program with Raiffeisen Bank International of Vienna, Austria in their Czech banking division in Prague.

2018 - 2019 Operational Relationships

Pro Mente Burgenland Psychology Internship, Kohfidisch, Austria, May - June 2019  Bryan students Kathryn McClellan and Bethany Truax participated in a five week internship with Pro Mente Burgenland, a state of the art European psychiatric institution in Kohfidisch. Pro Mente works with patients who have experienced serious, long term mental illness. Spent time with clients in activities such as art, music and sports therapy. The center focuses on a wide range of group interaction and therapy practices employed to try to help patients regain their mental health.

The Raiffeisen Bank International Internship Program in Prague, Czech Republic, May 2019 – Bryan College students Katrina Chesney, Michelle Dixon,  Jacob Dublin and Caleb Perez participated in an internship program with Raiffeisen Bank International of Vienna, Austria in their Czech banking division in Prague. Raiffeisen Bank has 53,000 employees in 17 European countries. The internship program focus included the areas of Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Human Resources, Branch Networks, Large Corporate Clients, Risk Management, Corporate Development and Project Management.

The Central European Entrepreneurship Program, Olomouc, Czech RepublicMay 2019 – Bryan students Jake Poulakis and Keith Lyons participated in this program organized by Palacky University. The internship program focused on the creativity, imagination, ingenuity and planning t takes to start and develop a successful business enterprise in a post-Communist environment, as well as major foreign company operations in the Czech Republic. Participating organizations included Pivor Chomout, the Japanese based company Koyo Bearings, Mary Kay in the Czech Republic, Bistrá Kráva and the U.S. Honeywell operation in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic.

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