Outside Scholarships

More Scholarships Opportunities

Students are encouraged to apply for outside scholarships available through different towns, civic organizations, or companies. Students are required to report these scholarships to the Financial Aid Office. Outside scholarships will first be applied to remaining account balances, second to reduce loans, and lastly to replace institutional funds.

Get a free copy of the Scholarship Search Guide ebook from Edvisors/the Student Loan Network.

Scholarship Websites: Please read each website’s privacy and information sharing policy before providing any personal information. This is not an inclusive list, just some suggestions. Please be aware Bryan College has no control over the websites listed and that the sites may change at any time.

Beware of companies that promise to save you thousands of dollars in tuition by assisting you with your financial aid form. You should never have to pay for scholarship information. Also, don’t be fooled by a company that asks you for money to “hold” a scholarship.

To learn more about protecting yourself from scholarship scams, visit: