Summer Institute: Apologetics

College Credit(s): 1

In the Worldview & Apologetics Track, students will

  • Discuss the core elements of a Christian worldview and how they make sense of our knowledge, values, and experience;
  • Learn about other worldviews and the challenges they present to Christianity, as well as how to thoughtfully respond to some of these challenges;
  • Explore different elements of culture (e.g. arts and entertainment) and analyze the beliefs and values that they often contain

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College Credit(s): 1 Feature
Professor Paul Boling

Professor Paul Boling is professor of philosophy and Christian Thought at Bryan College.  He teaches the history of ideas, ethics, and worldviews, and he has published book reviews in scholarly and popular journals. Dr. Boling is also active in several professional societies, and is a published musical composer.  Dr. Boling is active in Christian ministry and speaks at churches, conferences, and retreats. He holds a B.A. degree in zoology from the University of California at Berkeley, a Th.M. degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, and an M.A. and Ph.D. degree in philosophy from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.  He and his wife Lauralee have five children, six grandchildren, and live in Dayton, Tennessee. 

Professor Paul Boling Feature
Professor Sam Youngs

Professor Sam Youngs is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Humanities & Christian Studies at Bryan College. He specializes in cultural apologetics, history of Christian doctrine, and world religions. Dr. Youngs has published several notable works in both scholarly and popular venues. He and his wife Anna live in Chattanooga with their four children.

Professor Sam Youngs Feature
Professor Peter Held

Growing up in a healthy church environment where the Word of God was taught and grace was generously embraced, Peter Held developed a faith that engages all of life and the confidence to face its difficulties and complexities. Dr. Held is currently Senior Fellow for Worldview Studies at Bryan College. He enjoys the energizing experience of interacting with different ideas and the people who hold them. He loves his family and enjoys college football, learning to play chess, and traveling. He and his wife, Robin, live in Dayton, Tennessee.

Professor Peter Held Feature