Summer Institute: Performing Arts

College Credit(s): 1


In the Performing Arts Track at the Bryan College Summer Institute, students will:
  • Develop a personal philosophy as Christian artists and performers;
  • Study various aspects of Music and Film;
  • Participate and receive feedback on technique and musicianship in daily Masterclass sessions; and
  • Strengthen sight reading skills for music and vocalization.
  • Students are to purchase and read Francis Schaeffer's book Art and the Bible before attending the summer session, as part of the college credit requirements for this Track.
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Annette Watt

Ms. Annette Watt is the Academics Operations Coordinator as well as an Instructor in Music. After teaching for over 15 years in public and private schools and serving on church staff in preschool and children's education, Ms. Watt moved to Dayton with her husband and 2 daughters. Ms. Watt specializes in voice, elementary music and music appreciation.

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Kim Keck
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