Summer Institute: Digital Design

College Credit(s): 1


In the Digital Design Track at the Bryan College Summer Institute, you will:
  • Gain insights into how computers and other electronics work
  • Learn basic digital logic and integrated circuit (IC) design
  • Participate in hands-on labs and group projects designing circuits
  • Learn how to solder, assemble electronic components and diagnose problems in electric circuits
  • Spend time every day learning some new theory and how it can be applied to solving real world engineering problems
  • Develop a foundation for understanding how engineering is a calling from God and how Christians can glorify God through a profession in engineering and/or science

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College Credit(s): 1 Feature
Professor David Che

As the son of an engineering professor, Dr. Che grew up learning to build radios with his Dad. He was always fascinated with electronics and engineering. Currently, an Engineering professor at Bryan College, Dr. Che previously worked for eight years as an automotive engineer at General Motors in the areas of vehicle design and manufacturing. 

He has also taught engineering in several Christian colleges for ten years before he joined Bryan College in Fall of 2019. Dr. Che's scholarly interests include robotics and mechatronics, manufacturing engineering and engineering education.

Dr. Che and his wife, Sarah, have five children, all homeschooled. They live in a small town called "Evensville" near Dayton, Tennessee.

Professor David Che Feature