Summer Institute: Martial Arts

College Credit(s): 1

In the Martial Arts Track at the Bryan College Summer Institute, students will:

  • Engage in an understanding of Christianity and martial arts that encourages students to be peacemakers in the world (Rom. 12:18);
  • Learn the basics of key martial arts techniques for self-defense and defense of others;
  • Begin a journey of mental, physical, and spiritual discipline;
  • Be trained by black belts in the Isshin-Ryu karate system.

Prework: Read Martial Arts Manual that will be sent out 3-weeks before Summer Institute

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Martial Arts Feature
David Holcomb, Vice President of Advancement and Athletics, Coach

David Holcomb is the Advisor and Sensei for the Bryan College Martial Arts Academy program. He founded the Bryan College Martial Arts Academy. He developed the program to provide students a balanced mix of martial arts training and spiritual formation.“To be able to bring together the two things that Christ has used to influence my life — my martial arts training and my Bryan College experience — is truly an honor,” Holcomb said.

Holcomb graduated from Bryan with a B.A. in history, a specialization in Russian history, and a minor in Bible. He has a 6th-degree black belt with 39 years of training in Isshinryu Karate. Other areas of expertise include Jujutsu (concentration Judo), Capoeira, Kyusho Jitsu, and Chen style Tiajijuan. David currently resides in Dayton, Tenn. with his wife Diana Holcomb ('94 Bryan College graduate) and two daughters, Isabella and Anastasia.

David Holcomb, Vice President of Advancement and Athletics, Coach Feature