Summer Institute: Mathematics

College Credit(s): 1

In the Spirit of Mathematics Track students will use hands-on activities, to:

  • Gain insight into the beauty, order, and usefulness of mathematics in our world and as Christians.
  • Create conjectures, as well as construct arguments and experiments to prove or disprove conjectures.
  • Ask critical questions about steps and results of experiments.
  • Exercise problem-solving skills by developing strategies to win mathematical games.
  • Use technology as a mathematical tool.

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Mathematics Feature
Dr. Lyle C. Smith, III

Lyle is a minister to college students. During this time of profound change, students need Biblical truth infused into their lives both inside and outside the classroom. Lyle is grateful to be part of that mission here at Bryan College. To this end, he holds a Bachelors degree in Physics, Masters degrees in Math and Phyisics, a Master of Divinity from Southern Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Applied Math from the University of Louisville. He is devoted to his God,
his family, his church, and his students. He approaches his work with the motto:

"Expanding God's kingdom one mind at a time."

Dr. Lyle Smith Feature
Dr. Jamie Summerville
Title: Professor of Mathematics and Chair of the Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Teaching: The Spirit of Mathematics
“I am excited about the Summer Institute because I look forward to working with the students and having fun with the hands-on discovery of mathematical patterns and truths.”
Jamie Summerville Feature