Financial Aid Verification

What is Verification?

Verification is the process of confirming the accuracy of certain information reported by you and your parents or spouse on the FAFSA. Each year approximately 30% of student applicants nationwide are randomly selected by the Federal Central Processing System for verification. You may also be selected by the College. There are four classifications of verification for which you may be selected. These different classifications require different types of information to be verified by the Financial Aid Office. If you are selected, the Financial Aid Office will identify which classification of verification that must be performed and notify you of the required documentation that you and your parents or spouse must submit to validate the information used to file the FAFSA.

The three classifications of verification are:

  • Income Verification
  • Authentication Verification
  • Aggregate Verification

Because of the large role that financial aid plays in the college decision process for first-time freshman and transfer students, new students considering Bryan College who are selected for verification will be pre-packaged with a preliminary award based on unverified FAFSA data.  The financial aid package will not be official and no aid will be disbursed to the student account until verification is complete.

Continuing/returning students selected for verification will not be packaged until verification is complete. In general, current students can expect and plan for a similar financial aid package from year to year as long as family financial circumstances have not changed and the student continues to meet all requirements related to academic or talent-based scholarships.

Once required documentation is received, the Financial Aid Office will compare the submitted documents to the information initially provided on your FAFSA. If there are any discrepancies with the information initially provided on the FAFSA, the Financial Aid Office will make the corrections and you will receive an updated Student Aid Report (SAR). Occasionally the documentation that was provided to the Financial Aid Office does not provide all of the necessary information to complete the verification process. In these situations you will be contacted by a Financial Aid staff member outlining the additional documentation that is needed. Two to three weeks after the verification process is complete you will receive your official award notification.

If you were not initially selected for verification and an official award letter was sent, but subsequently a correction was made to your FAFSA, you may then be selected for verification. If you are selected for verification your financial aid will be placed on hold until the verification process has been completed.  If the process requires our office to make corrections to your FAFSA and those changes necessitate a change in your financial aid award you will receive a revised award letter within two to three weeks that will replace your previous award offer.

For maximum aid consideration and to ensure that your financial aid eligibility is established and confirmed promptly, we strongly encourage you to complete the verification process within 15 DAYS of notification.  Please contact our office if you experience any issues or foresee a delay in meeting this requirement. We are ready to assist you in successfully completing this process in a timely manner.

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