There are many ways to give back.

Your gift can change the world exponentially, whether through monetary gifts or gifts of service. The Advancement team is here to help you understand your Time, Talents, and Treasure and how those can make a difference on campus and in the greater community.

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How does my donation help?

Your donation directly impacts the spiritual and educational development of our students by:

  • Funding scholarships. (95% of our traditional students receive scholarship funding.)
  • Recruiting, hiring, and retaining top faculty and staff.
  • Building, updating, and maintaining facilities.
  • Meeting future needs and opportunities.

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How does my donation help? Feature
Estate Planning

Our estate design services assist individuals to steward their estate by ensuring that their assets are transferred to their family members, charitable beneficiaries, and others at the lowest possible cost and with the fewest delays. Planned Giving educates and guides non-cash giving, such as land, stock, personal property, etc. and gifts that provide income (Charitable Gift Annuities).

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Estate Planning Feature
Estate Planning


Contact Advancement. Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you get involved.