Roast & Roar Zoom Meetings

Interested in having a cup of coffee with Dr. Doug Mann and other Lions?

We will be offering several ZOOM dates throughout the year, and if you participate, you will receive an exclusive Roast & Roar mug in the mail!

Email Paulakay Hall at for additional information!

Choose your date below and Register Online!

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Roast & Roar Registration
Register for an upcoming Zoom meeting with Dr. Doug Mann and other Lions.

  • We have reached our limit for the 70’s Decade Roast & Roar dates! Thank you for your interest and support. We will continue to offer dates to 70’s alumni, so be on the lookout. If you have any further questions, please contact our Alumni Director, Paulakay Hall. Thank you very much Lions!
  • If your Class is not available we will contact you when your dates come up.